Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our misunderstandings of the profession of a doctor

There  is a general feeling in our country that  Doctors    as  a profession are exploiting    the common people . Here is a poem trying to clarify that  misunderstanding. I am not a doctor  .

Our misunderstandings of  the profession of a  doctor


(Based on a  whatsapp post that I  received. Acknowledgements to anon)

1.We all feel that  Doctors are doing  service to humanity,
And hence  they  should not   bother  about  the fees that they get,
But the truth  is, to every doctor , his job is a profession,
By which he earns money and looks after his family and parents

2.We all feel that   a doctor  due to his   great profession,
Should be greatly  honest and  we get disturbed, if he is even slightly dishonest,
But we forget that  doctor is a human being like  judges, Generals,
Ministers and police and if they can be dishonest  he too possibly can be.

3.WE all feel  that  the only job  that  a doctor   does   well,
Is to order  for thousands  of unnecessary tests,
And prescription of   costly drugs  by firms which can make him happy,
But we forget that he cannot  gamble with our lives, just based on his hunch.

4.WE all feel  that  Doctors   are   next to  the silent Gods  in our temples,
But we forget  he too is a human being like   us , who have to look after  his family,
Get upset and angry some times  and  suffer  diseases like  us at any time,
And if we   want only  God to treat us , we  better  go to temples  rather  than hospitals.

5.WE feel that  every doctor ,   to make himself   immensely rich,
Hikes   his fees  for consultation  and surgery  so that,
Ordinary people  like us have to prefer  death  rather than treatment,
But we forget that, he is a human being like us and wants to live like us.

6.WE  feel that  doctors  are careless  and commit   errors and kill many,
But  if a careless  doctor  kills  one individual due to error or tension,
A careless  driver kills  dozens  per day and a  careless  engineer,
Kills   hundreds daily by causing  breaking of bridges and accidents.

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