Thursday, April 20, 2017

This room of thousands of mirrors

This room of  thousands   of mirrors


(Idea is copied from   a tamil posting of face book. Thanks to original author)

Once one rich man approached  his scholarly Guru and asked,
“Sir,   this whole world  seems to be   an extremely place,
All  my servants, my relations  , my children and   even my wife,
Seem to be  very  bad people   as they    do  not like me   at all.”

The  Guru roared   with   laughter    and  told the rich man,
“There was  a  room with  one thousand  mirrors placed all round it ,
A  young  smart   , very happy  playful   and smart girl   entered  that room,
And all round her   she saw   smart , happy  , playful and jolly   girls  in that room.”

“She became   happy and   enjoyed    being in that  room   and went there again and again,
But    a mad man who  had a scowling face   who shouted  in anger   at every one   entered there,
And all around him , he saw   angry  , undesirable   people  shouting and scowling at him,
And he decided that he disliked    that room    and would never   go to the room  once again.”

“This society   where we both  live is that room with the room  with one thousand  mirrors,
It only reflects    again  and again  our own emotions    and attitudes towards   all others ,
So if you keep    your  mind like   that of a child  and  enjoy everything   and love every one ,
You would    see that the whole world  is a very nice place   where  every one loves us.”

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