Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oldies and conservation of environment

Oldies  and conservation  of environment

Rewritten    from original English
With deep sense of acknowledgements   to that author

We hear   the need to preserve  enviorment, the need to conserve energy  , eat   ready made food and  to conserve fuel  , whenever we opened a newspaper  or switched our TV. Our little ones  chided us for being careless   to the environment. A recent essay  in English made  me think whether   all that is true . For:-

We used to buy   milk in bottles, wash it and reuse it,
Initially we filled   ink in our pens   and purchased   just a pen,
We used   refills   for our ball pens  and never purchased  new pens,
We bought    just one razor    and used  it for ever   by changing blades,
WE walked    whenever   we needed to nearby places and did not use  petrol,
WE walked   up and down the stairs  and did not use  fuel for the escalator  ,
We used cloth nappies to babies , washed  and reused   them,
WE had just one Tv or one radio  in our home and not in every room,
And that Tv was    size of a   slightly   bigger  hand kerchief  and not a foot ball ground,
WE used   manual grinders  , mortars and pestles    and did not waste   electricity,
WE walked, climbed up and worked hard and did not a gym to excercise,
WE   drank water  from a tumbler washed  and reused it  instead of throwing plastic bottles,
WE knew   that most of the   food was seasonal and did not import or export it,
WE never food that came from a packet  and our grocer packed   everything in old news paper,
WE  washed , cut and cooked our vegetable and did not buy pre cooked ones,
A house at most had   two or three electric sockets,
Each of us knew where a   shop selling a product was and we  did not google for it,
We  bought newspapers  ,  and used to  pack things in that and to cushion   fragile material
WE used manual lawn mowers and not ones   driven by the fuel
WE never used  anything that   was preserved  or which had  preservatives
WE conserved all rain waters  in ponds and lakes

Please tell whether  I am right or it that  they are  right?

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