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The greatest among them all

 The greatest   among them all

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Sri J K  Shivan

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(This   small write up by   my great friend who has   given up his entire life   to Lord Krishna  shocked me to tears. How many of us    will  think like my friend.)

There was a great king   and he wanted   to identify,
The best citizen   in his country   and give him or her a great award.
His  ministers  worked   doubly hard , without any rest,
And brought   the four   great citizens  , so that  the king can identify the  best.

The first among them was   not only very rich  but had  spent,
Crores  of money   in charity and also fed millions of people,
The second was   a great doctor who treated  patients   for charity,
And he had   saved thousands  of people   from death and   suffering.

The third was   a great justice  and  all his judgements ,
Were greatly   appreciated   as several criminals were  punished  by him,
And the king   was astounded   to see   the fourth   well chosen great person,
For she was   only a  lady, who wore   tattered cloths   and no ornaments .

The king was surprised , Where   is the very rich   charitable  man,
The doctor  who saved   thousands  of lives  and judge   who prevented crimes,
And this very old   and extremely poor   lady  and he  stared angrily   at his ministers,
And they  saluted him   and told, “She is   the  teacher  of the  other great three.”

The  king stared   at that  poor lady  in tatters   and poverty ,
Once again and told her , “Mother  , do you  not recognize me ,
I too  like these  four greats  was   your student and you had told us ,
I may not become   great but definitely you will, and mother.”You are  greater than all of us.”

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