Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The first fierce feud to get control of a kitchen( home)

The first fierce   feud  to get   control of  a kitchen( home)


(I took this theme from  a face book  tamil  post of my friend Sridhar  Ramaswami, thanks to him.)

A family showers tonnes   of affection  in bringing up,
Its great so who  is going be the seed that  would  not allow,
To break   the chain   of the paternal    family in  India,
Not only In India but  wherever  paternal inheritance is practiced.

In  our Country that  is the  bruhat(big) , Bharath, as soon as  son attains,
Twenty five years of age, we  travel all  over the country  ,
To search for a pretty bride for him , from a family   that  is noble,
And after  weighing  her education,   culture and  heredity,
WE bring her   as the  b(p)ride  of our home  with  joy  and celebrations.

It is the mother  of that boy who insists   on  a a regal(royal)  marriage to him,
And she  invites   the new  pretty cultured   bride   of her son   to her home,
Not as a daughter  as per law   but a daughter whom she has carried  for ten months,
Gave birth, cherished    as well as nurtured her and for  a few   days ,
And after  the marriage   she would be   her greatest  f(r)iend and the gift of God.

Slowly the new daughter  of the family would understand  the cultures of her new home,
The likes as well as   dislikes of each and   every one  of all the people  in that home,
Especially    her husband and she would have   also    understood   to enjoy,
The moments of solitude with him,   and  the art giving    him joy    as well as  getting joy from him.

One day   after  all the guests  of the marriage, in the morning  the shy bride ,
Chewing all that  recently happened  at night enters the kitchen   of her new home,
So that she can prepare   a cup  of  degree coffee to her  new darling,
And finds  her new mother there, not at all  happy to see  her that time ,
For right   from the day that mother in law  expired , this was  her  own palace.

The mother in law who   was no more  her mother   becomes   greatly scared,
And tells her in a troubled voice , “I know he likes strong  bitter coffee  with a spoon of sugar,
And I would make it   up   and you can take  it to him and before   you go,
Tell me your likes and I would also  prepare   them for you

Then the new  d(evil)aughter  in law  of the home   starts  serving  her husband breakfast,
Offers him water   to wash his hand  with sweet   silly loving murmurings,
And she  makes it a point  to be always   at three feet distance   from her husband.
Selects dress  for him to wear at office and bids him good bye  to office with a flying kiss.

When his mother   who  was   doing all this as her own monopoly    right ,
Finds that at one stroke, at least to avoid  gossip she has to give  up all of them.
Becomes greatly miserable   because   she feels   that He is Her own,
And all these   are  her duties and the intruder can do it only after she gives them up.

Every moment instead  of thinking   her  in law daughter   as her daughter,
She starts   thinking that  she  is her   fiercest enemy   who has stolen .
All that  is hers  including   her love(affection)   to her own son,
And starts  asking herself “Does he belong to me or to that  teen aged ghost?”

The well educated   daughter  in law    without understanding    that  these signs,
Are   the prime signals  of possessiveness from her monster like mother in law ,.
Tells every one that , she is not allowed to do any work and she is very unhappy  to be there,
And feels jealous on her mother in law and some times   even shouts    at her.
And the mother feels  that this nasty one has stolen her  son from her and becomes miserable.

Possesiveness  is a mental trauma   similar   to a child   with a toy,
And she starts seeing the world is her    greatest enemy   and feels,
That though she can give    every thing this    chit of girl  does,
She  can never , ever  hope   to give her that which she alone can give.

All mothers   are all   alike  and they want  they   only want to love their sons,
All  young women are alike in that  they want to  be the only  source of joy to him,
But if  the mother   is in a good mood to understand   and wife is in a good mood to explain ,
Let the  young one make the elder one understand   that she too was once young and once newly married.

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