Saturday, October 6, 2018

To succeed , never lose an opportunity

To succeed  , never  lose an opportunity


(A very famous  English   story   , in my own words)

One  very strong man wanted  to marry  ,
A very rich   farmer’s  very pretty   daughter ,
And when approached    the farmer  , he told,
“For that  you should win in my   simple test.”

The young man agreed   and the farmer  told,
“I would leave   three  bulls  one  by one ,
From my stable and all   that   you have  to do,
Is touch   the tail  of  one  of my bulls. “ and he saod “ok”

The first   bull was  very ferocious   and very strong,
The young man thought, he would  take the next choice,
And the second bull was  much stronger  and ferocious,
And the  young man thought   that  he would take   the third chance

The third bull came  , very thin , very soft   and very powerless,
The young man   jumped at  that bull   only to find it does not have a tail.
The farmer told him, When  you get a   chance   to do anything,
Never wait  for an opportunity and wait next chance  .You may fail.

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