Saturday, October 6, 2018

A woman can manage everything , long live woman

A woman   can manage   everything , long live woman

Rewritten  from Hindi by

(I read it in Whatsapp  post. I liked it .Would
All women like it?
All men like it?)

I am  a woman

I  some how  manage  to do   everything
Whether  it is  putting a Rangoli   in  the courtyard
Or whether  it is about dealing a    file of office,
Or  wiping  away  tears  of my student ,
Or advice   my maid servant about her  drunken husband,
Or whether  it is  solving worries of  each member of my family
Or whether it is dealing    with the fault  finding by my  boss in the office

With a loose hanging  tip   of my sari  , I manage  to tie them all
Am I not a woman, I  some how  manage   everything

The rule of the sister in law  , adamancy of my brother in law,
Constant mischief  by  my children, the daunts  of grandma  of my husband ,
The demand of love of my husband, the looking after of  my in laws ,
In spite of all  this, I do  enjoy greatly   with my  office  friends,  

Am I not a woman , I some how   manage    everything

I take  it in my ride ,
Whether  it is attending the  marriage  of my close  friend,
 Or Designing of my own  dress ,
Or shining  in the  latest hair style
Or helping with the project of my children,
Or cooking dishes   which my husband likes,
And I do all these  in a jiffy,

Am I not a woman , I some how   manage    everything

I become happy    and I become proud,
I make the world  obey my wishes,
But though  I  do manage  everything,
I do become sad,
I get broken down, I become weak, I sob,
And those times I feel the need  for some one,
To look after me,
But since  I have no one  ,
I   do wet  my pillow with my tears,

Am I not  a  woman,   who is also a human being.

Long live the  strength , power and tears  of a woman

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