Saturday, October 6, 2018

The boon that the tenth man asked !

The boon that  the tenth man asked !


(Not my idea but some one wrote  it some where .I am writing  in my own words)

Ten  people    were   called   by God  ,
He asked  the first  one “I can give ,
You a boon  , What would  you want ?”
He said “I  want    to be   extremely rich?”

“So be it “ said God  and asked   the next one,
He said, “I want to be Prime minister of India” ,
God said  “Okay” and the next  one   wanted ,
To be married  to the prettiest  actress of Hollywood

Next one   wanted  to be  “the chief justice of India”
Next one   wanted    to be “the president  of Congress party”
Next one   wanted   to be “cricket captain of India”
Next one   wanted  to be “highest  paid doctor of world”

God   smiled  and  approved   all these   requests ,
Next one  wanted to be “MD  of  Google inc,”
Next one  ,” president of  USA”  and the next one,
Wanted to be  , “the prettiest girl of    the world “

God Okayed   all those demands  and  the tenth man,
Who was  waiting for his turn asked “I want to be ,
Always   contented    and be   without  any worries”
God said “wait and went inside” and others laughed and jeered.

Though there was no need   the nine people   waited,
God never came , slowly   they all  wanted   to know  ,
What  God  is  going to give  to  the tenth man   and ,
Next they  were agitated  and then very   sad  .God came .

He told the tenth man “you will always be happy  ,
And these  nine   would   never be Happy  .”

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