Wednesday, October 3, 2018

You always try be yourself

You  always try  be yourself

Rewritten in English

(Many of my friends have posted the original in tamil , saying they read it some where.The thought in these lines  is great  .I have tried to put it in my own words. Thanks to Prof.Vishvanath Das  from whose post, I read it) 

Gold  is costly  , Tin is cheap,
But you cannot  make ornaments ,
Using  Tin instead   of Gold.
But tin  and gold both    are not useless.
So always  try to be yourself

Water of Ganges   is sacred,
But it does not mean , well water  is useless,
To the person    suffering   from great thirst,
Water from ganges  or any well  is the same ,
So always try to be  yourself.

Crow   is not as pretty as peacock,
But our ancestors  have  chosen,
To receive our offering to them through a crow,
And definitely   not through a pea cock,.
So always   try to be yourselves

A dog is not as valorous  as a tiger  ,
But while   Dog protects  us,
The tiger  prefers   to eat  us .
Dog, not tiger is our friend,
So always try to be  yourselves

Cotton  does not shine  like silk,
Cotton  is not costly   and is  pleasant  in tropics,
Silk only   shines,
And cannot be worn always,
So always  try to  be yourselves

The Sky  is blue , smooth and soft ,
The earth is muddy  dirty   and harsh,
And you can only  live on the earth 
And never in the sky   as you will fall down.
So always try to be  yourselves

Today  is not like   yesterday ,
And it may not be like tomorrow,
WE have to live according today  ,
AS  we  do not know, how to live for  tomorrow,
So always try to be  yourselves

There is  no need to be ashamed,
There is no need to be sorry,
There is no sin    nor pain,
In living  as  your own self  ,
So always try to be    yourselves

Rub yourself and see  ,
If you are rough  make yourselves soft,
One day the   entire world,
Would   desire to live like you
So always try to be  yourselves

One day world   would,
Consider you as its model  ,
Consider you as  its lesson,
And would  desire  to live like you .
So always try to be  yourselves

Never change yourselves.
Thinking   you are useless,
And loose all those    who are living for you,
And hurt yourselves ,
So   always try to be  yourselves

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