Thursday, July 28, 2016

Desirable food habits in the form of Tamil Proverbs

Desirable  food habits  in the form of Tamil Proverbs

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(Author is unknown to me)
1.Without Jeera(cumin) , food would not be good
2.To heal our wound onion alone is enough or to look after our body onion is enough
3,Banana would make us live
4.Taking food with speed  is dangerous
5.For ulcer of the stomach lime juice
6.For blood pressure  Agathi keerai
7.Cough would be controlled by  menthe leaves(Fenugreek leaves)
8.Penance of not  taking food , would increase life span
9.For  avoiding heat of body Kambam kali(Peal millet gruel)
10.For strength of liver  Guava  fruit
11.For decreasing Cholesterol  Gulabi grapes
12.For clearing  the mind Vilwa leaves(Aegle marmelos-Bael)
13.For pain while passing urine   pineapple
14.For bringing down heat Karunai kizhangu(wild Yam)
15.For good digestion Chundai kai (solanum Torvum-Turkey berry)
16,For curing head ache  radish juice
17.Ginger with honey purifies  blood
18. Garlic has the power of Pencilin
19.For curing piles   dish made of Banana flower
20.For  curing vomiting Mana Thakkali (Solanum nigrum)
21.For preventing rheumatism  cutting type of amaranthus (amaranthus tricolor) 
22,For removing  bad smell  in mouth  Cardamom
23.For losing  weight  cabbage
24.For getting rid of anemia   Gooseberry
25.For ulcer   of the liver Agathi  leaves  (sesbania  grandiflora-august tree leaves)

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