Thursday, July 28, 2016

The good that will come to us if we say “Muruga(Tamil name of Lord Subrahmanya)”

The good that will   come to us  if we say  “Muruga(Tamil name of Lord Subrahmanya)”

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After saluting Lord Muruga, the lord of wisdom  and his  great first Disciple Agasthya,  and  wise people like Nandheesa, Thirumula, Karuvur Deva, and wanting to share the divine joy that I got  , this is being  published
1.If we  say Muruga, we can succeed in getting knowledge and we will get good  jobs
2,If we say Muruga, the marriage which got  stopped   would happen in a nice manner
3.If we say Muruga, agriculture  , job   as well  as business  will flourish
4.If we say Muruga , the habit of drinking , eating non vegetarian food   and gambling  would go away from us
5.If we say Muruga, we would be made to realize whether  the friendship we have is good or bad
6.If we say Muruga, we will not  have problems caused by  poisonous and evil  animals
7.If we  say Muruga, then thiefs would not enter  our house
8.If we say Muruga, our wealth will increase  and burden of loans would disappear
9.If we say Muruga, then we will get maturity  of spending within  our income
10.If we say Muruga,  we would realize that  we should build houses  without taking loans
11.If we say Muruga, the thought of giving animal sacrifice will vanish from our mind
12.If we say Muruga  , we would feet that  we should protect our old parents

13.If we say Muruga, then  we would feel that  suspecting our wife and torturing her   would be a sin.

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