Friday, March 31, 2017

Script writing for a Hindi serial in TV

Script   writing   for a Hindi serial in TV

A Non Hindi  P.R.Ramachander

(I saw a write up in Tamil in Whatsapp about this   and I am not at all   sure  , whether  I can write  a Hindi Serial  for TV)

I went with my   Hindi knowing friend   to a hindi cinema as I went on asking him questions like  “What does it mean?” , “why ?”   etc  and  the  friend got bored    and told me  you do not know  ABCD of Hindi  .Why have   you come to trouble me . I told him , “I keep on seeing Hindi serials  and so I can even write   a script  for a hindi serial.”My friend got very angry   with me   and told ,”How do we do it?”

The serial starts   with  a letter,
“This   is the Chutti  , May be    writing to you,
And friend corrected “Chitti” not  “ chutti”
Ok no problem if it is a  historic serial ,put,
“Muhabbath “  everywhere   and if it  is a modern one,
Put “Pyar”  everywhere, If is puranic   serial,
Put in  lot of “Paranthu”  and :”dhanyavad”   
And if it is  a story, of fifty years  back do use  lots of  “Lekin”
If a king appears  say “maharaj ki jai”
If hero is trouble   make him say “Rab”
If it is a Punjabi story  , make people say “Biradari”
If you are talking of modern life , put lots of “Jindagi”
If it is heroins birthday  , put lots and lots  of “Pyaar”
Let people   say lots of “Suno and DEkho” ,
So that  hero and heroine can talk privately,
That is all
Now I am feeling  “Bookh “ in my   tummy,
Tell  Mataji to prepare “Khana” in “Rasoi”.

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