Saturday, September 1, 2018

Happy Birthday , Oh my Krishna

Happy  Birthday  , Oh my Krishna

Raja Thatha

Happy birthday   to you  , my little one ,
Who was born in side   a prison ,
To grow up     among   cowherds ,
On the shores  of black river  Yamuna

Happy  birthday to   you , my little one,
Who by the honeyed   tunes of his flute ,
Mesmerised the gents  and ladies of Brindavan,
And also  the cows , calves    and plants of that place.

Happy  birthday  to you , my little one  ,
Who , when he did not  get buter to eat ,
Ate   the mud of the roads  but  showed,
All  the worlds  to his mother in his mouth

Happy  birthday  to you  , my little one ,
Who made   the maidens  of that garden of ocimum,
Enraptured      and lead   them all  to dance with him,
With each of them seeing  him dancing  with them alone

Happy   birthday  to you , my little one  ,
Who when he grew up  made  a little  princess ,
Of a far away   town   fall madly in love with him,
And  made her run away with him  to his town.

Happy birthday  To  you  , my little  one  ,
Who gave endless   Saris to a lady who called him,
And also   gave her invisible food   to fill up,
The stomach of sages who came as her guests

Happy birthday   To you, my little one ,
Who became  charioteer  to his  close friend,
And taught   each and every  of us  in this  world,
How to lead a life  of divine joy by dedicating our all to him.

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