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Nava Graha Santhi methods followed by Srivaishnavites

Nava  Graha   Santhi methods followed by   Srivaishnavites

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Most of us believe  that the  nine planets  create  problems for us when they are  in  bad positions. Though none of them are Gods (Sani’s name is Sanaischara(slow moving)   and not Saneeswara) except  the Sun God  ., people affected  worship those planets   and pray to them and in most of the  Shiva temples  there  are temple corners for Nava Grahas , There are  also individual  temples for them in some  Shiva temples.
 But Sri Vaishnavites  do not pray to  these planets , They have three  options

1.Visit  the Vishnu temple in Thanjavur belt which are  dedicated to remove   the problems due to Nava Grahas

2.Visit  the Vishnu temple in Thirunelveli belt which are  dedicated to remove   the problems due to Nava Grahas

3.Pray  to that  Avathara of Vishnu   which will   remove problems   due   to  concerned planet

Nava Graha  Vishnu   temples  in Thanjavur belt

1,திருக்குடந்தை சாரங்கபாணி திருக்கோயில்சூரியன்

Sun –Kumbakonam  Saranga pani  temple  

     THis temple is nearly 1000    year old    and is in the centre of Kumbakonam town on the banks of river Cauvery.The God is in reclining position    and this temple is a Divya desam and the God has been sung by the12  Azhvars.The temple is open from 10Am to 12 noon   and  from 4 Pm to 8 PM

2.நந்திபுர விண்ணகரம் (ஸ்ரீ நாதன் கோவில்) – சந்திரன்

Nandipura  Vinnagaram-moon

 This temple also is called Nathan Kovil  and is in a village   called Nathan Kovil  and is  about 5 km South west of Kumbhakonam .It seems Nandi got rid  of his curse by Vishnu’s Dwarapalakas  here..It is a Divya desam as it has been sung about by   Thirumangai Azhvar
The temple is open from 6.30  Am to 12 noon  and from 4 pm to 8 Pm


Nachiar  Kovil-mars

This temple  which is 9 km from  Kumbakonam  is also called  Thirunarayur  Nambi  temple.Kal Garuda  -a Garuda made of stone is  one  of the specialities of the temple. The temple is slightly elevated   and you have  to climb 21 steps . The temple is open from 6.30  Am to 12 noon  and from 4.30 Pm to 8,#0 Pm

4.திருப்புள்ளம் பூதங்குடிபுதன்

Thirupullam poodhan kudi –Budhan(mercury)

   This  temple of Lord Rama (val vil Raman()   is 3 km from Swami Malai .Devotees believe that the final rites of Jadayu(bird-pul) was done here .This also is a Divya sthalam  and  has bee sung  by Thirumangai azhvar.The temple is open from 7.30am to  12 noon and from 4 pm to 7.30 PM


Thiru Aadanoor temple –Guru-Jupiter

  The temple is located   at Olaipadi a small village  and is 2 km from Swami Malai temple  in Kumbakonam. Thirumangai Azhvar has again sung about the God of the temple .The temple  is open from 730am-1230pm and 530pm-830pm


Thiru velliyankudi –Shukran-venus

   The kola valli  Ramar  tempie is in the District of Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. From Kumbakonam, we have to travel in a bus upto Anaikarai and from there to Senganoor and the temple is about 3/4 miles away from this place. The Sthalam can also be reached Via Chozhavaram, Muttakudi and Mayavaram. It is believed that  Lord Rama gave darsan to Maya father  of Mandodhari without  conch and chakra here .Thiru mangai azhvar    has sung about this temple. The temple is open  from 7:00 AM till 10:00 and from 5:00pm till 7:30 pm

7.ஒப்பிலியப்பன் கோயில்சனி
Oppiliyappan temple – sani-Saturn
      This temple which is  called   also as Uppiliyappan temple is in Thirunageswaram  which is in the outskirts(5 km)   of Kumbakonam ,It is a temple Of Venkadachalapathy  and is a very important temple.The temple   works  between 6 am to 1 pm  and  4 pm to 9 pm

Kaapi sthalam – Rahu

   The Form of God worshipped here is Gajendra  Varadan   and is about 10 km from  Kumbakonam town. The temple is open 630am-12noon and 5pm-730pm.

9.ஆடுதுறை பெருமாள் கோயில்கேது

Aau thurai   perumal Kovil  -kethu

  This temple is also  called  Thiru koodaloor temple  and aso Sanghama Kshethram . It is near Ayyampettai  and in Kumbakonam thiruvayyaru road
 Sri Aaduthurai Perumal Temple or Thirukoodalur (locally called Aduthurai Perumal Temple) in Vadakurangaduthurai, a village in the outskirts of Kumbakonam and  is  dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Temple Timings : 07.30 am-12.30 pm and 04.30 pm-08.30 pm

II.Visit   concerned  Vishnu  temple in Thirunelveli belt

ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டம் - சூரிய ஸ்தலம்
Sri Vaikuntam -  Sun

Sri Vaikuntam  Temple is also called Sri Vaikuntanathan temple  or Sri Kallapiraan temple  and is located in Sri Vaikuntam a small town in Thoothukudi district.It is 22  km away from Thirunelveli town..It is one of the Nava Thirupathi Temples on the banks of  Thambraparni river. It  is also one of the 108 Divyadesam . TEMPLE OPENING TIME    Morning:06.00 AM To 12.30 PM
and   Evening:05.00 PM To 08.30 PM

வரகுணமங்கை (நத்தம்) - சந்திரன் ஸ்தலம்
Thiru Varaguuna mangai  Perumal   Natham - Chandra sthalam
     It is also called Vijaysanna  Perumal temple and is located in Natham . This is atown in between Madurai and Dindigul .  Trichy Railway Stations 90km from Natham, Madurai Railway Stations 40km from Natham and Dindigul Railway Station is the nearest railway station 33 km from the Natham city.. This temple is also a Divya desam and has been sung about by Nammazhvar   The temple is  open in Morning:07.00 AM To 01.00 PM  and in  the Evening:02.00 PM To 06.30 PM

திருக்கோளூர் - செவ்வாய் ஸ்தலம்
  Thirukolur Vaithamanidhi perumal  is located on the Thiruchendur-Thirunelveli route and is 4 km from Alwar Thirunagai .The temple  is open from 7 am to 12 noon   and between 4.30 Pm to * pm

திருப்புளியங்குடி - புதன் ஸ்தலம்
THirupulin GUdi
  The God in this temple is called Bhoomipalagar and the temple is lovcated 3 km from Sri Vaikuntam  and 1 km from Varaguna mangai.Nammazhvar  has sung about  this temple  Morning:06.00 AM To 12.30 PM  Evening:05.00 PM To 08.30 PM

ஆழ்வார்திருநகரி - குரு ஸ்தலம்
  This temple  is situated in Alwar Thirunagari town   which is 26 km away from Thirunelveli.The God is called as  AdhinadharDEvotees believe that  Nammazhvar  was born here.  , The temple is open between Morning:05.30 AM To 12.00 PM  Evening:04.30 PM To 08.45 PM

Azhvar  THirunagari        
தென்திருப்பேரை - சுக்ரன் ஸ்தலம்
    It is a small village  in Thoothukudi districe, and is located at a distance of 35  km from Thirunelveli.The God in the temple is called  Makara Nedum kuzhai Kannan. .  The temple is open  between Morning:07.30 AM To 12.00 PM
Evening:05.00 PM To 08.00 PM

பெருங்குளம் - சனி ஸ்தலம்
  The god in this temple is called  Mayakoothar  Perumal. It is in Radhapuram block   of Uthamar kulam panchayath     and is 55  km from Thirunelveli. The temple opens between Morning:07.00 AM To 12.00 PM
Evening:04.30 PM To 08.00 PM
இரட்டைத் திருப்பதி (தேவர்பிரான்) - ராகு ஸ்தலம்
இரட்டைத் திருப்பதி (அரவிந்த லோசனர்) - கேது ஸ்தலம்
  The two temples in Irattai thirupathi (tholaivil mangalam)  are  Devapiran temple(Rahu sthala)  and Aravindalochanar  temple( kethu sthala) These temples are  3 km from Azhvar  Thiru nagari town.It is on the road between Sri Vaikundam   to Perumkulam. The temple is open between 6 am to 6 Pm 

III.Pray  the  concerned  Avathara  of Vishnu
      For praying  I have chosen individual slokams   from Swami Vedantha Desika’s  Dasavathara  Stotra has been chosen

ஸ்ரீ ராமாவதாரம்சூரியன்-Sri  Rama  for  problems due  to Sun

Paravara payo visoshana kala paareena kalaanala,
Jwala jala vihara hari vishika vyapara ghora karma,
Sarvastha sakruth prapanna janatha samrakshanaika vrathee,
Dharmo vigrahavaan aadharma viratheem dhanvee cha thanveetha na. 8

Let that personification of Dharma, who is the great archer,
Who had control over arrows which burnt like the fire at deluge,
And was an expert in the art drying up the waters of the sea,
And Whose main resolution was to protect any one who surrenders to him,
Help us drive away the sinful acts from our mind.

ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணாவதாரம்சந்திரன்
Nadhamaiva nama padam bhavathu naaschithrai scharitha kramai,
Bhooyobhirbhuvananyamooni kuhana gopaaya gopaayathe,
Kalindee rasikaya kaliya phanisphara sphatavatika,
Rango th sanga visanga sangrama duraa parayaya charyo yathe. 10

Let our phrase “I salute” belong only to that Lord,
Who protects this world by his surprising actions,
Who found the waters of Yamuna tasty,
And who fearlessly danced in the centre of the wide hood of the snake Kaliya,
As if it is a stage and who is but a cowherd boy doing these great actions.

ஸ்ரீ நரசிம்மவதாரம்செவ்வாய்
Prathyadishta purathana praharana grama kshanam panijai,
Aavyath threeni jaganthya kunta mahima vaikunta kanteerava,
Yad pradur bhuvana davanthya jatarayadruchikkath vedasam,
Ya kachith sahasa maha sura grahsdhoonapithamayabotth. 5

Let all the three worlds be protected by the great lord of Vaikunta,
Who had great collection of natural weapons like the claw,
Who had strength which never went waste and whose accidental.
Incarnation made one pillar of the home of the big Asura,
Became the paternal grandma to Brahma and other devas.

ஸ்ரீ கல்கியவதாரம்புதன்

Bhaavinya dasaya bhavanniha bhava dwamsaya na kalpathaam,
Kalki vishnuyasa sutha kali kadha kalooshyakolankasha,
Nissesha kshatha kantake kshithi thale dharaa jalou ghair druvam,
Dharma kaarthu yugam prarohayathi yannisthramsa dharadhara. 11

Let that God Kalki, who is going to be born to Vishnu Yasa,
Who is going to fully cure all the problems caused by Kali age,
Who is going to be in this world adjusting to the future,
And whose cloud like sword will cut off all the thorns of the earth,
And definitely going to help Dharma germinate in the Krutha yuga,
Help us to cut off our bondage to the problems of daily life.

ஸ்ரீ வாமனவதாரம்குரு
Vreeda vidha vadanya dhanava yaso naseera ghatee bhata,
Triyaksham makutam punannavathu nasthrai vikramo vikrama,
Yad prasthava samuchritha dwaja patee vruthantha sidhanthibhee,
Sthrothomi sura sindhurashtrasu disa soudeshu dodhooyathe. 6

May we, be protected by the giant feet of the Lord who was Trivikrama,
Which made the great Asura feel shy and ashamed and made his fame,
Flutter like the flag which is hoisted above his palace
And which was offered purifying bath by Brahma ,
Which fell on the matted hair of Lord Shiva,
And from there spread from the very beginning in eight directions.

ஸ்ரீ பரசுராமாவதாரம்சுக்ரன்
Krodhagnim jamadagni peedanabhavam santharpayishyan kramath,
Aakshthramiha santhi thaksha ya imam tri saptha kruthwa kshitheem,
Dathwa karmaani dakshinaam kkachana thamaskandhya sindhum vasan,
Aabrahmnaya mapakarothu Bhagawan brahmakeetam muni. 7

Let that God , who to douse the flame of anger due to slaying of his father Jamadagni,
Uprooted the world of the royal clans, by directly cutting them off, twenty one times
And who gave this earth as Dakshina during a fire sacrifice,
And made the land recovered from sea his own and started living there,
Remove all ills among all beings from a lowly worm to Lord Brahma.

ஸ்ரீ கூர்மவதாரம்சனி
Avayasur bhuvana thrayee manibrutham kanduyanai rathrina,
Nidranasya parasya Koorma vapusho nishvasavathormaya,
Yad vikshepana samskrudho dadhi paya prengola paryangika,
Nithyarohana nirvrutho viharathe deva sahaiva sriya. 3

Let all the three worlds be protected by the Lord who took the form of tortoise,
Who when, the great mountain was churned on his back, felt as if it soothed his itching,
And by whose wave like motion the salt waters of the sea rose up and shook
The cot of the Lord, who was ever wakeful and made him play with Goddess Lakshmi

ஸ்ரீ மச்சாவதாரம்கேது
Nirmagna sruthi jala margana dasa datha kshanair veekshanai,
Anthasthanvadhivaravinda gahananyouthanwathi namapam,
Nish prathyooha ranga ringana midha prathyooda pada schata,
Dolaroha sadohalam bhagavatho, maathsyam padu na. 2

Let us be protected by the fish form of our God, which appeared for,
Searching for the Vedas, with tense examining looks
And Created a mirage of the lotus forest in the great waters of the sea,
And appeared to climb on the swing created by the dashing of waves with waves.

ஸ்ரீ வராகவதாரம்ராகு
Gopayedanisam jaganthi kuhanapothri pavithri krutha,
Brahmanda pralayormi gosha gurubhirgonaravavair gurgurai,
Yad damshtrangura koti ghada ghatana nishkamba nithya sthithi,
Brahma sthambhamasodasou bhagavathi mustheva viswambhara. 4

Let the world be always protected by the lord who took the form of a boar,
Who cleaned all the universe by the sound of “Kur”, Kur” made by his nose,
Who resembled the giant waves at the time of the final deluge,
And by holding tightly to his protruding teeth, the great earth goddess,
Could stand stable like a giant tuber and created everything from Brahma to the grass.

ஸ்ரீ பலராமவதாரம்குளிகன்
Pakkath kourava pattana prabruthaya prastha pralambhadaya,
Thaalangasya thada vidha vihruthya yasthanvanthu bhadrani na,
Ksheeram sakaryeva yabhirabrudak bhootha prabhoothair gunai,
Aakoumaraka maswadantha jagathe krushnasya thaa kelaya. 9
Let the various playful actions of Lord Balarama, who upturned,
The kingdom of Kauravas, who killed Asuras like Pralamba,
And whose playful actions mixed with the playful actions of Krishna,
Like the sugar getting mixed up with milk and made them more tasty,
Bless us with results that are always good.

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