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Subbu Gita

Subbu  Gita

Based  on teachings of  Tharun Sagar  Maharaj (see  video  https://www.facebook.com/Arihantgyan/videos/1800477560067357/?t=100)

Translated and interpreted  by

(Muni Tarun Sagar (26 June 1967 – 1 September 2018) was an Indian Digambara monk. His lectures are termed Kadve Pravachan (bitter discourses) because they can be candidly critical of common practices and views.His lectures have been compiled and published in book series also titled Kadve Pravachan. Excerpts from his discourses are often published by newspapers. Unlike most other Digambar jain monks, his audience often includes a majority of non-Jains. His discourses often address family or society issues, topics generally avoided by other Jain monks (from Wikipedia)
       Subbu is an imaginary character created by me  , to illustrate, the teachings  of this great  saini)

1.Live with money less  than your earned income
  Honest Subbu married  from a  rich family   though he was poor   and after  he brought his  wife home   , he found that  she was spending much more  than he earned. He had to take loan  to meet her expenses   and to repay   the loan he had   to take bribe  .The government arrested him  and due to spending more money  than what he earned, his entire family  suffered and was shattered.
2.In a day  at least  praise   three  people.
   Proud Subbu always    that   he was   the greatest   and all that he could find with  others was  find fault and this made him very unpopular with   his   friends and relatives. Once  he was very sick   and had to  undergo a major surgery. No one including his wife   came to help him , When he explained  his personality   to the Doctor he told, that without help  he would die  .But had he praised  at least a few people  , They would have come running to help him.
3,Never  be ashamed to accept   your   fault
Subbu thought   that  he can never do any mistake  and when he did  it either  in home or office  , he used to   shout at every body. He lost his job and his wife divorced him. He felt miserable and understood that  though he  committed mistakes , he never owned them and thus became a most hated person.
4.Do not laugh    at the dream of others
  Subbu’s income was  not sufficient   to meet his expense. One day his wife told him   that  she was   a  good student and she   could get a  job as a teacher  in some school. Subbu just laughed at her and said to her that   she was an idiot number one and, she cannot do anything  .Daily after Subbu went to office his wife applied for jobs    and she got a job with a salary . double that  of Subbu. Subbu felt bad that  he did not encourage  his deserving   wife.,
5.Once in a while give chance to  the person behind you  to go forward.
 Subbu always thought he was  the only one capable of  looking after his parents.He never allowed his younger brother  to do anything to them. One day he was on a tour his father gt very sick and his brother did not  know  what to do. Sitting in a very far off place  Subbu felt bad   that he  never     allowed his brother to help his parents,

6.If possible daily  see   the rising sun
   Subbu  always   woke up very late in a day. Due to he was not able to reach office in time .eventually he lost his job. He felt bad that  he did not wake up early.
7.Only if there  is utmost necessity   take loan
    Subbu wanted   to show off   to his wife  that he was rich and he gave her costly  presents taking loan .One day in front  her he was  insulted  because  he  did not repay the loan in time  ,She felt bad  and cried. She requested him not to give her   any presents   by taking  loan.
8.If there  is something to be learned from somebody, with wisdom ask even twice
     Subbu  never knew  how to cook  and his wife   was going to his son’s place in USA . Subbu never asked her even once to teach her rudiments of cooking   and he suffered a  lot.
9.Never allow  expenditure and enemy   to become bigger
     Subbu was a spend thrift     and went on buying things that  he did not need and so his expenditure was   always   more than his income  .Due to this  subbu  and his family    suffered a lot.
10.Have complete   faith in yourself
Subbu was always jittery  whenever   someone asked him to  do something. One day his wife asked   him to pick up their daughter   from School .He  did not know what to do  went and stood in the wrong gate  of the school  and his daughter suffered a lot
11,Do not forget to pray, for there  is lot  of power in prayer
   Subbu  believed in God  but did not believe in power   of prayer  .Once his wife got sick. He consulted    the best doctors but    she was not improving . Someone told his wife to chant Hanuman Chalisa .With great faith she chanted and got cured .From then on Subbu started  praying to god   with faith.
12.Keep  in your mind relevance  for your work
     Subbu    was  fast in taking decisions   and most of it was not based on relevance but emotion. Once he took a decision   not to pray  God at all  because one of his prayers was answered. His wife then told him  , That God takes  decision for us which is relevant 
13.Time is the most valuable thing, do not spend it in useless  works
    Subbu once became very much interested  in   reading as well as posting Whatsapp messages     and started   wasting  lot of time .One day his boss  that it is OK to spend time for entertainment   but it should be within limits 
14.Learn to be happy with whatever  is with you
   Subbu    was always  disappointed and sad  . He was always aimed for more  and when he was not able to get it  , he used to break down .His friend   showed   that even aspirations should be budgeted. From then on he was happy

15.Do not  create problems for others . For it  is like a   hole   in the boat, Though fault is small it can make  the boat sink.
  Subbu was   an officer  in his office .One day one of his subordinates did not get up when he entered. Subbu   spoiled his report and eventually   the  other person lost his  job.
16.Always be positive in your thoughts
    Subbu  would  always start a job thinking he will fail  .Because of this he rarely succeeded.
17.Every body is born with a greatness, Bring out that  before the world and get honour
    Subbu’s son was greatly interested in sports but instead of encouraging him   and making him great , Subbu never permitted him to partake in sports and that boy never   shined in his life
18.No work is small, every job is big  ,
   Subbu did not   get a government job and  due to this he worked without  interest  and suffered.
19.Success will not come to a person who does not do work
 Subbu never worked well  because  it was not a government office.  Because of this  he suffered in life.
20.For getting some thing    we have to lose something’
Subbu  wanted to succeed in life   and for that he has to lose  all entertainment and spare time 

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