Sunday, October 30, 2016

Anger causes never healing wounds

Anger causes  never healing wounds


There was  a young man,
Who used   to get angry,
 Without any reason,
And extremely   quite often.

His father  gave him  a hammer ,
And a bag   full of    nails  ,
And told him , whenever you get angry,
Drive one nail in behind  wall of our home.

First day he    drove   ten nails ,
Next day   he drove   five nails,
And next day he drove two nails,
And day by day   it went  on decreasing.

After a few days  he d found  that,
He has not driven any nail on the wall ,
And went and told   his father ,
“So far  forty five nails   and from tomorrow none.”

Father told  him , every day  , you do not get angry ,
Pull out   one nail  from the wall please ,
And   after  forty five days   were over,
He proudly shower his father  the wall.

Father told him, true   all nails    are out,
But have you seen that there   are ,
Forty five holes    in that wall ,
Wounding  that wall  as long as it stands.

Similar    to that  , every time   you are angry,
You   wounded  one person   with your words.
And though    you told  that person  that you are sorry,
The  wounds   that   your  words caused would not go away

 Have you not   heard    the great   poet  in Tamil wrote,
The wounds    caused   by the fire would heal,
But those    caused  by words  would never heal,
And so son, do not get angry and cause  a wound.

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