Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Man O’ man” , written by his wife

“Man O’ man”  , written  by his wife

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(Acknowlwdgements to my face book friend  Hamsabai Santhana  Krishnan. My grateful thanks. I have Added   some material to that  tamil write up)

             Dedicated    to all men who try to lead a responsible and happy family life

Man is  the first and great   creation of God ,
Even sweets are  given up by him   for sake of his sisters,
He  gives up    all  his dreams ,plans and happiness
For making   his parents  happy.
For  giving   a present   to  his sweet heart,
He  empties his purse and prefers to starve.,
For making his children happy  ,
There  is nothing  that  he would not give up,
By these  he simply mortgages   his youth   for  the sake of,
His   parents, wife and children and works day and night,

He builds up his future    by taking  loans ,
And to repay  those loans    , he  wanders like a  dog,
And in between  these struggles , he runs,
Getting  abused by all  ,in office by his boss,
And in the home by parents  , wife and children,
And even though he is the dart board  of all,
He  should  not  cry, because  he is a man,
And even though  he works  and becomes like  a  wet hen,
He cannot say that he is tired, because he is a man.

He is the one  dedicating  his life  to others,
If he  wanders  outside, he is useless,
If he   sits in the home , he is a lazy one,
If he  is strict with children, he is short tempered,
If he does  not do it , he  does not have any responsibility,
If he does not permit  his wife to work, he is jealous,
If he  does indeed permit, he lives with income  of wife,

If he listens to his mummy  , he is a mummy’s boy,
If he  listens to his wife , he is hen pecked
To sum up   the world   of man ,
Is surrounded by sweat , misunderstandings and  sacrifices.

Please share  it with other human beings,
And make a man laugh and the lady  understand him.

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