Monday, October 31, 2016

The four candles and life –my version

The  four  candles    and life –my version

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(Here is a very famous story   in my own words. See it as a video  with entirely different commentary- )

There were  four candles  burning in a house,
Storm called “misfortune “  was blowing  in to that    house,
“Peace “ the   first candle   murmured,
I would be put out   and it was ,
“Love”   the second candle  flickered ,
And   was   next put   out,
“Knowledge  “ the third    candle  ,
Could   not stay  in the breeze and was put out
But the fourth candle   struggled  and won.

At that time   a little boy   entered the room ,
And was worried  that  three candles  were put out,
The fourth candle  smiled and told   that boy,
“when I am there , you need not get   worried,
And light  all those  three candles  using me”
The boy was happy   and asked   the fourth candle ,
“What is your name?”  and it replied ”Hope.”

All that   you lose  in life  due to bad luck,
Can always   be built  , if only  hope survives.

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