Saturday, October 1, 2016

A lullaby to the mother sung by a son

A lullaby    to the  mother  sung by a son


(Times  have changed. There  seems to be no need to sing a Lullaby(Thalattu  ) for babies  any more . The baby likes   TV  music better and also  the  mother of babies  do not have  time  for this non sense.But the  elders in the house   do not get sleep  due to various reasons . I imagined  the son of a mother  sitting by her side   and l singing in a lovely  affectionate  voice a lullaby   to make her sleep No  I am not  joking .How I wish it happens?)

Oh my mother, oh my treasure,
Oh  my first  teacher ,  Thalelo (Please sleep)

Did   my Father   shout  at you  dearest one,
You know  that  it is habit, please  sleep,

Did you   get tired  by ceaseless work  ,
Throughout the day, Please  close you eyes  and sleep,

Did not   the  maid servant   come  today ,
And made you work, Take rest now   and please  sleep.

Did   your children   demand , this and that,
And made  you work hard , It is time to sleep, please sleep.

Did you want   a new Sari   to wear tomorrow,
I will take you  to the shop tomorrow  , please sleep,

Did  my wife  trouble   you and made  your day bad,
I will chide her  soon, You please   sleep.

Did my  younger  brother  and sister  had,
Too much work  and you had do it, Please  sleep.

Were   you not  able to  take your after noon nap,

Do not bother , now    you please  sleep.


padmaarunachalam said...

sir you are great. Such an inspirational thought. God bless you sir

padmaarunachalam said...

Very nice Sir. Inspired me a lot. God bless you sir