Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Rabbit –tortoise running race story retold as poem

The Rabbit –tortoise   running  race   story  retold as poem


   (This is 100 % based on the tamil write up of  my friend  Devanathan  Srinivasarangan. Acknowledgements and thanks to him.)

Rabbit boasted “ I am faster.”
Tortoise   challenged the rabbit
Due to pride  Rabbit  slept on the way,
And the tortoise   won   -                                    Slow  and steady  wins the race

Rabbit could not tolerate,
Rabbit challenged  tortoise  again,
Rabbit did not sleep on the way .
And the rabbit   won                                         Speedy and steady   wins the race

Tortoise  could  not tolerate ,
Tortoise   challenged rabbit   again,
Tortoise   chose the  path of the race ,
Tortoise swam  and crossed a river on the way and won       Exploitation of weakness  of contestants                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                           Leads to victory
Rabbit  became   friends  with tortoise,
And again both raced on tortoise path,
Rabbit  rode on tortoise back  in the river,
And both tortoise   and  Rabbit won                                            Team work leads  to victory

Rabbit or tortoise   can both win ,
Without attempting  you cannot win,
If we attempt and get defeated  it is experience,
If   we do not attempt and get defeated it is insult

Victory  is not permanent,
Defeat    is not the end,
Victory   and defeat  ,

 Both depends on attempt 

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