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Things that Goddess Lakshmi (The Goddess of Prosperity-not having any wants ) does not like

Things that  Goddess Lakshmi (The Goddess  of Prosperity-not having any wants )   does not like

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(    I read  these  in Tamil   from the posting of my friend  Bhanu Ravi .I felt  that I do not  pass these   tests .An ideal person   should do. But remember one thing  Prosperity is not  having lot of money   but  a state   where  you do not want  more money than  what gives. Ofcourse  I am a satisfied man not at all  interested in money.)

Mahalakshmi  is the Goddess  of wealth(Prosperity) .  .She has a  peculiar   habit. She likes to travel from one place to another till she finds  the place is to  her liking, Here are some things   which she does not like.

1.Those   who lack self confidence
2.Those   who do not do their duty
3.Those who do not do their   family Dharma
4.Those who are  not grateful
5.Those   who  cannot control their senses
6.Those who are jealous
7.Those who are avaricious
8.Those   who are   short tempered
9.Those who do not respect their elders
10.Those   who neglect their parents
11.Those who find fault    with their teachers
12.Those who harm animals
13.Those who eat meat
14.Those who are not hospitable
15.Those who tell lies
16,Those who act against their word
17.Those who like wives of others
18,Those who are cowards
19,Those   who have a dirty mind
20. Those who are dirty
21,Those   who tell harsh words
22,Those who are p[roud
23.Those who are lazy
24.Those who wear dirty cloths
25. Those who sleep in the day time
26.Those who make love in day time
27.Those who kill cows
28.Those   who do not do penance
29.Those  who cheat
30.Those who   clip grass with nails
31,Those who draw  Rangoli on water
32.Those who draw designs on earth with nails
33, Those   who do not follow their religious duties
34.Those who do not follow their  daily rituals
35.Those who   disrespect God
36.Those    who  do not have education
37.Those who do not go in the path   that  they have leant
38.Those  who unnecessarily quarrel
39. Those who  not have wisdom
40.Those who do not have any mercy
41.Those who steal property of others
42.Those who deceive others
43.Those   who do not pay proper wages
44.Those who stops marriages
45. Those who refuse  sastras
46.Those   who are egoistic
47. Those who make fun of    others
48. Those who enter their homes  without washing their feet
49.Those who step on bed with wet feet
50.Those who take bath without cloths
51.Those who take oil bath and sleep  in day time on that day
52.Those who wrongly pronounce  Veda  Manthras
53.Those who do not light the lamp at dusk
54.Those who take meals at night
55.Those who  disregard prasdas(offerings made to God)
56.Those   who misuse   their power
57.Those  who  makes  people quarrel by  telling wrong news
58.Those who are  drowned in bad habits
59,Those   who keep their home dirty
60. Those   who drink  alcoholic    drinks

     Try to avoid  these things if you   want  Goddess Lakshmi    to live in your homes. These   are also sinful deeds, which God does not like

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