Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pranams to the anonymous Policeman of Aluva( Alwaye )

Pranams  to the anonymous  Policeman  of Alwaye

    On 13th  morning I left  Bangalore and reached  Aluva (Alwaye)  at around 4.15 PM . The BJP   had called a state   wide Harthal   from 6 am to 6 PM   on that day . We had to visit  a 96 year old grand father  of  my daughter in law in Aluva and then  reach Kaladi by 7 PM . WE had almost decided   that we will wait in the station   and  go after 6 PM  to visit him for a few minutes. When we came out   we saw a policeman  standing on duty standing before  the station . Me and my wife approached him    and asked him , when we   will get an auto. He enquired where   we wanted to go  and we toild him Aluva Shivarathei  Manapuram.  The policeman swung in to action. He  enquired   with one of his friend   whethere he can take us to   that place. Unfortunately   he had not brought his car. Then he told us that  he would put us in the free   shuttle bus to airport   and order them to drop near the place   we wanted to go. Since we had luggage  , we could not accept his offer . Then he called an auto    and ordered the driver  to take us to that place .He told him to collect the normal   sixty rupees charge from us
      I was astounded  by the courtesy of that policeman . I told him  , that  in my 76 years life  I have never come across   any one like him. He told us   that he  was only doing his duty and being old people , he considered  us as his parents  in trouble . With  tears wetting my eyes , I took leave of that   great human being . May God bless   that anonymous policeman  with prosperity  , long life and great health


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