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Mind of Human being – a quick survey

Mind of Human being – a quick survey

 These  very great  thoughts about  mind  were  written in Tamil and posted  By Hamsabai  Santhana  Krishnan .My grateful thanks  to this great thinker

Translated   and put in verse ,

1.The  mind of human being  ,
Who knows   how to pardon,
Does   not    have a  need,
To carry   worries with it

2.The mind of a  human being ,
 Who  wants   to punish  others,
Does   never    ever know ,
How to be peaceful.

3.The mind of a human being  ,
Who is busy  in fault  finding,
Is never   able  to ever  see,
The  mental  fulfillment  .

4.The mind of a human being ,
Who is busy  in search  of greatness,
And appreciating  it  would ,
Never   forget    to be   happy  .

5.The  mind   of a human being  ,
Who   wants   to make  others,
Happy , joyful and contended,
Never    ever  loses sweet joy.

6,The mind  of a human being ,
Who wanders  spreading  gossips,
About   all other   people  ,
Is forever   dark and gloomy

7.The mind of a human being  ,
Who  can  always  bear sorrows,
Does  not   ever  fade   away,
Due to  mental    sorrow  .

8.The mind of human being  ,
Who is forever   engaged ,
In search  of pleasure,
Never reaches  the ebbing joy.

9.The mind  of a human being ,
Which is   full of suspicion  ,
Does never   ever   enjoy,
Happiness   and joy  .

10.The mind  of a human being  ,
Which  is always   stable  ,
Never  ever  meets  ,
The  sorrow   of the mind

11.The mind of a human being,
Which is full of friendliness,
Never   ever   gives up,
The affection to all  .

12.The mind of human being ,
Who searches   for help ,
Will never   ever  lose  ,
The   smile    of joy

13.The  mind   of a human Being ,
Who wants     to give to others,
Never   ever   tries  to stoop.
To   evils   and bad behavior

14.The mind of a  human being,
Whose mind   wants to do evil,
Never ever tries   to remove,
The mental  pain of others.

15. The mind of human being ,
Which tries   to console  others,
Never ever tries   to cry,
When   it is soaked in difficulty

16.The mind of a   human being ,
Which is not bothered  about .
Self praise   never   ever ,
Falls in to  baser   state .

17.The mind of a human being  ,
Which can  be patient  ,
Never ever   happens to see,
Emptiness   in life.

18.The mind of a human being  ,
Which fails to think  ,
Never ever  be stable,
IN the state  of mental peace.

19.  The mind of Human being  ,
Which is   filled with good thoughts,
Never ever   has to undergo ,
The state  of mental death.

20.The mind of  a human being,
Which is afraid    of God  ,
Never ever   undergoes,
Any  fear to any thing

21The mind of a human being ,
Who   realizes    all these,
Never ever  undergoes ,
Destruction of thoughts

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