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An old widower talks to a young husband

An old widower  talks  to a young husband

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(Again another  emotional  masterpiece  in Tamil   from a face book  friend Unfortunately I did note the authors name.My acknowledgements to that Anon.)

1.Outside   a department    store,
A husband and wife had a  tiff,
He sent   her inside   to shop,
And was   sitting  outside  bored.

2.One old man who was  watching all this,
Approached   the young man and asked,
“younger brother, If you do not mind  ,
Can I know    the reason for your  Quarrel.”

3.The young  man replied  “Nothing   serious unclew,
She wanted me   to  come in and shop with her ,
And I felt tired and uncle  , all ladies are like that.”
The   old man smiled   and told  the young man.

4.“When  my wife    was alive , five months back,
I used   to go to all   places   along  with her always.
WE were  of the same age and we were both teachers.
After   we retired  , we went  on pilgrimage   together.”

5.“We have three  sons , all settled separately,
And we were  living in our   own home,
As  per God’s will  , my life   had several  health problems,
And  she was weak and had to take  several medicines.”

6.“It was me who looked after her  most of the time,
But now she is no more    there   with me.
My days are long    and nights are   very lonely,
And  if I see  any thing of hers, tears rush to my eye.”

7.“I have her  cell phone   number but   she would not reply,
If I whatsapp    her, she would not read them ,
Once on the bed we used to lie down  on both  sides,
But now in the same bad  , Only I am lying in the centre.”

8.“I go alone to the kitchen  and cook   some  thing,
She is not there   to cook tastey    food for me,
To  spend the  the ever lasting time ,
I do go to the temple  but   without her.”

9.“So my   younger brother , when they are  there,
You have to love them more, you have to praise them,
I go to  her  burial ground   and say to her ,
Without me  You have gone, for preparing my coming  there.”

10.With tears  that old man told , “I would  soon join her”,
Annd took leave   of the young man   ,
And the young man    whose  eyes  were full,
Went inside the store   to search his wife.

11.No one should ever think , after all  she is my wife,
And so I can treat her   in any way that I want,
And the wife   should not think , he is my hubby,
Whatever I do he    will tolerate

12.When we first meet a person , we say , “Good day”,
When we sneeze  , we say  “We are sorry sir “,
When we part  we say, “nice meeting you sir”,
And also heartily   wish him a good  bye.

13.Does a husband respect  his wife  ,
Who was with him almost all her life,
Does the wife    respect  the needs,
Of Him who does not  have a life without her?

14.When the   wife   spends lots of time   and ,
Serves  tastey food, does husband  appreciate,
When the husband   returns   home after tiring work,
Does any wife tell him, “I missed   you darling.”

15.If only all these   happen in a  home of a  couple  ,
Life   would become sweet,
Only in a home with mutual undersatanding,
There  is  love  and happiness.

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