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Miserable saga of man’s life ?- Sweet up to sixteen and sorrow afterwards

Miserable   saga  of man’s life ?-
           Sweet  up to sixteen  and sorrow   afterwards


(This again is based on a great write up  in Tamil  my   face book friend  Hamsabai  Santhaana  Krishnan.I do not agree  with it entirely  as I feel  that “Life is miserable to all   who think like that”.  I also feel that  a woman’s life  is much more  miserable.)

1.The joy of one  who was  born,
AS a male   is only  till he reaches   the teen,
For  though he is  the one whose   birth is celebrated,
All his life  he  would  face  nothing but  problems.

2.Till he   completes  first ten years  of his life ,
He   flies   like  a very independent bird,
Then the say , “Hey study   well  from  now on,
If not , no college  for you  but  only  training  Institutes.

3.When he  joins the   eleventh   standard ,
His father warns him , “Hey boy  ,
Work   extremely   hard  for two years,
Otherwise it would be workshop not engineering.

4.After  two years  of hard work   when  he  joins,
The engineering college, his  father again warns,
“I did not inherit  great  wealth   from  my father,
So do not go on  spending  money like   water.

6.After   four years  of day and night   study,
Without  enjoying  any thing in life,
It would be meaningless if  he does not get  a placement,
For the  shouting  words  of parents  would make his  life a  misery.

7.They  would say “It f you were   a girl , it would not have mattered,
WE would have  managed to buy   you some ornaments,
And handed you over   to someone, you are a  man,
You have  to earn money  to clear the loan  and  ,
To give   your sister  in marriage   in a good family.”

8.After one joins for a job  , he becomes a small fish in  a big town,
Very careful in spending money  so that   all the dreams of  his family  are realized,
He has to take food  in a budget joint  , travel in a  rickety bus,
And act as  if he was    in the  ocean of joy  before  his parents.

9.By the time  the  family  loan is repaid,  his sister  is married off,
The parents would  say , “How  long will you   eat,
The hopeless   food in the   worthless  hotel,
You better  get married    to a nice little girl.”

10.Then comes   the most  miserable  second part  of  his life.
If he shows love to his wife, mother  feels miserable ,
And if he  shows  any interest  on his parents says the wife,
“You are family man now , you have given  them sufficiently ,
And it is time  for you  to start   to plan  for our   future.”

11. He should not tell  his problems  of office in home,
Nor should  he  tell the misery in home to others,
And  he would  realize   that desire  is for 60 days  and passion for thirty days,
And small  differences in love life   would become a raging war.

12.Bending  and getting crushed   when the voice of lady becomes loud,
Having lost  hhis backbone as he is   unable to say “no”  to the wife,
Unable   to neglect   the parents,  giving support to both sides,
He would  keep on getting   bad name   from both as  well as the world.

13.Then he  produces   kids so that   his clan does not end,
Nurture them to become great and  he   gets  the name  of “miser”,
When he is   not able to meet their needs and  get a name,
“Morose face”  if  he is  not able   to smile  when  if he  is  called names like that.

14.He would   buys good , costly   and fashionable cloths  for  his  family,
For any   festival in house ,  but would search for “Buy one , take two”.
For buying his cloths  and suppose   after   struggling  to pay,
For presents and ritual  needs in relation houses,
He takes loans   and he would  get  bad dreams  and bad name only.

16.If with all these  botherations   and problems riding over him,
Suppose he  neglects to love his wife, she  would wail,
“There  is a man in my house  who does not know  that he has a wife”
And if  some of his relatives or friends  buy a new house  or car,
She would yell, “I too got a  useless  husband  who is good for nothing.”

17.If he   shows  love to his children, he  is spoiling them,
Suppose  he is n bothered   to look after  his old parents ,
She would  say, “There  are other children   beside you to your parents.”
And to a man whatever he   does will only earn him a bad name.

18.For carrying a child for  nine months, She would be praised all her life,
But for  carrying his family  and   its problems    always  in his mind,
There is no fame for him and he  would be   greatly   happy,
If no one   find   faults   with him. What a tragedy?

19.Inspite  of all these  if that  poor man  does indeed succeed,
There would be claims   from his  parents and his wife ,
Claiming   that but for them  this useless  one,
Would never  have   succeeded  in anything whatsoever.

20.All the joy   of being a man is till he becomes a  teen,
Afterwards  , the ploughs  kept on his   neck,
Would always push him down to the earth,
And he has  to   sorrowing struggle  to  pull the burden, all   his  life.

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