Monday, October 24, 2016

Father in law to the new son in law- A humble request

Father in law to  the new  son in law- A humble request


(Parting with the daughter   after marriage is a time of great   worry to the father because  she was his everything   and  he  would be worried  about her future life   with an unknown person.  A tamil  prose request   was posted   in face book by my friend Murali Venkatramani  , which he had read  in facebook. I being a daughter’s father   it moved me and I want to dedicate it to   all fathers of   daughters)

1.Our daughter , we  have  given to you,
And now   we need   to take rest,
But there  is a  condition for that,
You have  to keep  her happy  .

2,WE believe   she  would be as joyous,
In your  house    as in our    home,
WE believe    she would be more sprightly,
Than   when she    was   with us in our home

3.But  in spite   of  all that  , just like ,
An average   dad , I keep on  repeating,
“Please see to it   that there  is no ,
Shortage to her   joy in your home.”

4.She was never  a burden for me  ,
Till today  and she   will not be considered,
As a burden by  me   even in future,
For wherever  she is, she  is a part of me.

5. This  is because  the reason  for  ,
My natural breath  as well as ,
The flowering  of smile in my lips,
Is her, but still I  have given  her in marriage.

6.I am doing  this as it is a natural rule,
And bound by culture  , I am sending ,
Her who  is  my box  of joy to your home
So that  it will  brighten your home.

7.Today   I am giving to you  for ever,
My  world for ever   and ever,
With a humble   request   to you ,
To keep my world  pretty as well  as joyous

8.I am sending  my princess  to your home,
Please   make her    the queen of your home.
She has been made a stainless   gold like this,
 By my blood, sweat as well as  love .

9.She is bringing   along with her  ,
Love, concern , beauty  and comfort,
And I am hoping  to compensate  this culture ,
She brings, you will reward  her with joy.

10.No one is perfect  and suppose ,
She   does small mistakes ,
Please chide her but never ever,
Reduce your love towards  her.

11.She is  very tender and if she fades,
Please be with her  and console her.
And all that you need   for that,
Is showing   your concern to her.

12.Suppose   she gets   sick  ,
Please    show  your  sympathy ,
For that   would certainly be ,
The    greatest  medicine for her.

13.Please understand her  and ,
Please  keep her with joy , for,
Her joy is  my only aim  in life ,
Please   keep her   with joy.

14,My dear   , dear son in law ,
You may not understand  me,
As of now,  but  when you give away,
Your daughter to some one , you will know.

15.At that  time  every beating of your heart,
Will tell , “My daughter  should be happy”,
And possibly  you will  then understand,
That I am not  mad  but a daughter’s father.

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