Saturday, October 1, 2016

The orders of God is to continue my work

The orders of  God  is  to continue  my work


     In the year 2000  (I was 60)  I started  doing translation of stotras  in to English.Within a period of 18 months  , I completed translation of 41 stotras, which included  two  Sahasra Namas . Slowly and surely  I went on translating .In 2008  , I had translated   about 400 stotras. It was at this time one of my friends badly needed  a  translation of Adhyathma Ramayanam from Malayalam.  By the grace of God  I completed it in 4 months.  Then one web site owner Sri Lakshmanan   specifically  phoned to me and requested  me to translate  Valmiki Ramayanam in to English. This job took more than 18 months .Having done both , I was asked by my friend , why not Kamba RAmayanam.   The job was   extremely difficult   and I took almost 18 months   to complete it. Side by side I started doing   translation of Carnatic Musical Krithis.When I went to Mumbai to attend a marriage , my sister in laws daughter  came in search of me and gave  a book of  all compositions of sAint Thyagraja. I considered it  as an order of God  and translated all of them In the beginning  of 2016 , I had translated 15 books , 1500 Carnatic Krithis   and about 1200  Stotra Rathnas, I was getting old and old age began to tell on me . So I reduced   my  work and decided in July 2016  that I would   stop doing  further  translations . I was doing   small prayers  , small poems etc  and wanted  to discontinue   the job   by  end of August . On 26th  August  2018, my  scholary friend  Ananthanarayanan  Vaidhyanathan  send me a  complete book  of prayers on goddess  published by Gita press .He got it on line. He wrote to me  that I might have translated them but he felt  that it would be useful to me  .I felt that  this was  an order to me   from the God to continue what  I am doing as  per His wishes. I started reading the book  and translating stotras which I had not done earlier . In these  two months  I have translated   33 stotras and  suddenly   about 15 days back , my face book friend  Geetha Kalyan send me  a  book  called  “Devi Narayaneeyam”  translated by her from Malayalam to Tamil .I felt that  if it is translated  in to English  , it would be a great service  to our religion. I requested  her to do it   but she said , she was very busy in several  activities  and wanted me to do that job . I again consider it is an Order I of God and would start   doing the translation of that  great book to English. The book has 410  slokas . I would make a trial  believing that  it is God’s will .

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