Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Village crow feels city is hell

Village  crow  feels  city is hell


(Based on a story posted by  Bhanu Ravi. Change crow in to man  and you would find it the real life of a city.)

An urban   crow came to a village  ,
And  persuaded strongly,  a village  crow,
To accompany him to the town,
Because   towns are  the real heavens.

When they both arrived   the  urban crow  ,
Showed several muti storey buildings  of the town,
But the village crow asked, “Where do we live?
I am not able to see  a single tree   here”

The urban crow did not reply  but showed ,
The village crow , the millions  of vehicles plying there,
But the village   crow told, “See how much black smoke ,
Is coming from them .I am sure soon  the people  would become black like  us”

The village crow  felt dirty all over   and wanted ,
To take a bath  and the urban crow   took it to a river,
And  village crow said , “This is a gutter  not a river,
And where  do you take  bath and urban crow  replied, “only if it rains”

Urban crow then told  ,” let us go to  shopping avenue,
So that  we can eat some thing “ and the village crow replied,
“Why shopping avenue”   and the urban crow  replied, “to steal  and eat”
And the village  crow  returned to his village where  life was honest , clean and Pleasant

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