Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sparrow and a coin

Sparrow   and a coin


(Based on a folk tale  posed by a friend in face book)

It seems a sparrow  once dug  the trash  in a trash can,
And  it found a    rupee   coin from that   trash,
And holding that  rupee coin   in its beak  ,
It flew  to the king’s palace abd sat on a tree there,

That sprrow started singing , I have a coin   with me,
And I am much richer than the king, IAMRTTK,
And this made    the king   extremely furious  ,
And he  sent his minister to snatch that  coin from that  sparrow.

The minister did and the sparrow   sang  in a much louder  voice,
The king snatched my coin and has become rich, TKSMCAHBR,
And this further  infuriated   the king  and he ordered ,
His minister  to return the coin to  the sparrow and he did.

The Sparrow gleefully started   singing in much louder tone,
The king is scared and has returned my coin, TKSAHRMC,
Then the king dismissed   his minister  forthwith ,

And appointed  that clever sparrow   as his minister.

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