Thursday, September 7, 2017

Realize that life as well as problems are not forever.

Realize  that  life as well as problems are not forever.

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(I read it in Tamil and it was posted   in the face book by one SriN.  Ganesan. My deep sense of gratitude to him)

There was  a  famous saint in Maharashtra,
Whose  name   was Eka  Natha,
And he was   always   peacefui,
And never   got disturbed even a little.

One devotee    who has  been noticing him,
One day asked him  , “How are   you able  to,
Maintain this peace   , day in and day out,
And  all the days , for ever, on  and on.

Eka natha   asked   him to show his palm,
And told him  that  the devotee   would die,
Within a week and  this  greatly upset  ,
That devotee  and crying he rushed to his home.

But soon that   devotee  completly realized ,
That his crying is not   going  to help him  at all,
And  started   doing all  arrangements that  were needed,
To be done by him , so that  his family can live properly.

After  one week Eka Natha   went to the devotees’ home,
And found that  the devotee   was absolutely peaceful,
And when asked   by the Guru Eka natha, he told,
Thanks to you , I have done everything  and am waiting peacefully for death.

Ekanatha then told him,”I am in your state of mind,
Always day in and day out  , for every minute,
AS I know that   death will come one day,
And I just told a lie to make  you realize that.”

Whether we   are rich or poor  , clever  or a fool,
Death does   not bother   about it at all,
It is a pure socialist and  it approaches  every one ,
Without fail but in spite of it  , we never think it would come.

Death  also is one   of our   best friends as it solves,
Unsolvable  problems   within  no  time and it  occurs,
To each abd every living being on earth,
Which includes    the  man with  great knowledge.

In whichever form and status   God has   sent you,
Realize that   you can never   continue to live forever  ,
And also realize   that all your problems   do  not also,
Live forever and then get ready   to face that eventuality.

WE are  only travellers and similar   to the way we  came,
WE would   have to go back    from this  life  one day,
And so do all your jobs   sincerely and  never get caught,

In the  web of worries   and problems  as thay are not forever.

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