Friday, September 1, 2017

Can each of you not shine in other subjects of study which were not desired/chosen by you?

Can each of you not shine in other  subjects of study which were not desired/chosen  by you?


I studied  up to SSLC in  Hyderabad   and I was extremely good in Mathematics. Circumstances compelled me to shift to  Kerala for further studies. Due to the Hyderabad results coming very late , I did not get admission to  Intermediate science  but I got admission to Intermediate commerce with Mathematics , commerce and logic   as optional subjects. So I had leave out my  dream  of becoming an Engineer.
  When studying Intermediate commerce  , I fell in love with commerce and wanted to become a financial specialist. I also liked logic and wanted to become a sociologist. To avoid studying four years for PG , I wanted to join B.Com (Hons)  . But being in a small village in Kerala, there was no one to guide me as to how to go about it .Some one asked me to go to Annamalai  university  where my cousin was studying. I arrived there but could not get admission to B.Com(Hons). When i was about to return back disappointed , the Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics,  offered me admission to B.Sc(Hons)  Mathematics as I had scored 100% in mathematics in Intermediate. Very reluctantly I joined there.  I did not like Mathematics  but I got third rank in my course Meanwhile  . I wanted to appear for IAS   and I chose  History and sociology as optional subjects and  became fascinated by both of these.
  But  after my study of Mathematics in Annamalai university, through a competitive exam I got   admission to  ISI, Calcutta. After one year I wanted to specialise  in econometrics but they made me specialise in Agricultural statistics. I had  not studied biology after my SSLC and so reluctantly  I started studying Agricultual statistics.Within two years I became an expert in Genetics  and joined as a Biometrician in an Agricultural Institute. In the next 36 years , I became a well known Biometrician, Insect ecologist and Epidemeologist. I became fascinated with these subjects.
   But when I retired , I started pursuing  my old passion of studying history, sociology and religion and I hope you will all agree  that I have done tolerably  good  work in  all  these fields.

I am writing all this  after reading news items   about suicides by young ones  when they did not get the subject they   want. My life has taught me  that, each of them  could have shined in hundred other professions. I feel sad . My  friends who know me will tell you that I was  considered as  very good in   all subjects allotted to me by God.

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