Monday, September 11, 2017

Life without problems would lead you nowhere.

Life without problems  would lead you nowhere.


(Based on a post of folk story by my friend Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan. Thanks to her.)

There   was farmer  in an Indian village ,
And one day   God appeared before him,
And asked, “What are  your problems ?
And in what way I   can be of help to you.?”

The farmer replied , “You are  my main problem,
You send rain and wind whenever   You like”
God smiled  and replied to him , “Oh no problem,
From now on  rain , sun light and wind  will  be your servants.”

The farmer   was extremely happy   and in the next cropping season,
He simply told , “Rain come”  and rain came  and when he said,
“Rain stop” , it did really stop,”, he ploughed sowed seeds,
Made sun to shine when he wanted   and Got wind when he wanted.

The crop grew luxuriously   green , it flowered  greatly ,
And  at proper   time   came   for   harvest  and the farmer,
With great joy in his mind  , harvested his crop  but was shoched,
To  see that none of the paddy  grains had rice  inside them.

He was shocked   and shouted , “Oh treacherous  God”,
And God did come  and asked the famer, “Now what?”
And he said, “I am not getting a single grain of rice from my crop,”
And God with a funny face asked “But you controlled   everything”

The farmer said to god, “I do not want those powers but give me rice”
And God said, “ After  the needed rain, I used to send speedy winds,
And the paddy plants  to conserve themselves would send their roots deep,
And  I never used to send  huge water  and plants would sent their roots wide.”

This would make them struggle   and to preserve  their progeny,
They used produce lots  of seed, but when you controlled them,
They thought , they will get everything   for asking  and for ever,
And they were  not bothered to produce more seeds to conserve themselves.”

God further said, “When you struggle in your life, you  would work very hard,
When night came , man invented a light, when travel became difficult  slow ,
Man invented  vehicles and when problems are  there  man would solve them,
And a life without problem is a cursed life as  it makes him lazy and indolent  .”

Farmer shook his head  and replied . “Oh  God  I did not know that,
For I always thought , when life is without problems , it would be great ,
Please take bck the powers  that  you  gave me   and let me struggle,
And get a great crop so that  me and  others  can eat.

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