Monday, October 2, 2017

Bhagawad Gita is Lord Krishna

Bhagawad Gita is Lord Krishna


(This is only a  rewriting of the great post of my friend  J.K.SIVAN.My thanks are due to him)

There was a great saint called  Arjunacharya ,
And he took   the mission of   writing  commentary,
To  Bhagawad  Gita   as his   job  , day and night  ,
But   to feed his family  , he used to go out  and beg,
For alms   from three  homes and he and his family ,
Satiated   their hunger  with whatever  he received.

One day when he   was completely  immersed  in his work.,
And forgot   to   go out   for collecting   alms  and suddenly,
He realized that   and saw that  he was translating ,
The twenty second verse   of the ninth chapter  of Gita which said,
“I would look after   the needs   of those people  , who,
Are  serving me , without  having   any other   thought”*
And he felt since he would not get   any food that day,
That verse   was wrong and he cut it off  from the book.

After he went out  to collect  alms and  two pretty boys  ,
Came to  the saint’s hermitage  carrying lot of food,
And gave it to the wife   of the sage and    informed  her,
That all  the food  was sent by the sage  and she thanked them,
But when they   turned to go back  , she saw a big wound,
On the back of the younger  boy and felt very sad.

When she enquired   about the   young boy told  ,
That the wound was inflicted   by the sage himself,
When he cut  him off, and then the sage’s   wife,
Applied   sandal paste  on the would and it   got cured,
And after   the boys went away   the sage came back ,
And when became back, his wife refused to talk to him.

When the sage enquired, she told about the boys and how ,
She was     very angry with him for inflicting wound on them  and she also told,
How she applied   sandal paste  on that wound of the boy and cured him.
The sage understood that  Lord Krishna had come and rushed in  ,
And to his suprise saw that  the cut that he made in the book has disappeared.
And Then he realized that  “Gita and Lord Krishna   were the same”
And everything told in Gita is unalloyed    truth.

*ananyaash cintayanto maam ye janaah paryupaasate
teshaam nityaabhiyuktaanaam yoga-kshemam vahaamy aham

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