Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hammer , own key , other key and a lock

Hammer  , own key , other key and a lock


(A pretty idea  got from a face book post.Thanks to the author)

One day a hammer   asked the key,
“I am stonger   than you   but  ,
I struggle   to open a  lock,
How come   you open it so quickly?”

The key   replied “You are stronger  than me,
But to open the lock, you hit  on its head ,
And it protests  , but  I  am  his own,
And I touch his  heart  and so it opens its heart.

But had I not  been its own but a stranger ,
Even if I touch its  heart  , it will not open its heart.”
This  only  proves  that love from their  own,
Would  open hearts up but from others, it would protest.”

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