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Read the story to know your wealth, number of children and age .

Read the story to know  your  wealth, number of children and age .


(I read it in Tamil in a face book message .It is told by THiru Muruga Krupaanda Variaar , who  lived all his life  teaching religion  and way to live,)

There   was a great sage   who only   told truth,
And  ate  only  in a home  where  truth is told.
One day when he went   to a village   and wanted to eat,
And told about this, they showed   the home of a  rich ,
AS well as old  merchant, who had   four sons.”

As soon  as the sage went there   the merchant  ,
Came running  to hospitably receive   him and give him food,
But the  sage told him  , “I only eat in a home  where  truth is told”,
And the  merchant assured  him that  he only told the truth.

The sage wanted   to test  the merchant   about that  and,
He asked ”How much wealth you have?”  and he told “Twenty two thousand rupees”
Saint again asked “How many children you have.” And he said , only one sir”.
And saint asked  “How old are  you?”  and he said ,”three years
Five months, seven hours and sixteen and a  half hours”

The sage got livid with rage and when he   was about to walk out,
The merchant told him   that  he had only said the  truth and nothing but truth,
And the saint asked him, “Others say   you have one lakh rupees wealth”,
And the merchant told, “Yes, that  is the money in my box , but,
I have given only twenty two thousand as charity so far ,
And that is the only wealth   that  would be mine even when I die.”

The sage asked “People say you have   four sons” and the merchant said,
“Four were born to me  and I will summon them before   you now and he called,
“Hey Nataraj” and he replied , “Father  I am playing cards  and cannot come now”
Then he called “Hey Velu” and he said “Why are  you shouting, shut up”
Then he called “Hey Siva” and he said, “Hey fool, why don’t you die”
And then he called “Hey Muruga” and the boy came running to  help him:,
And then the merchant told , “Do you now   agree  that  I have only one son.”

The sage  then asked, “You look about 70 years old  and what about ,
The non sense   you told ?”  and then the merchant told  him,
“Every day I worship God  only for one and half hours,
After  the age   of attaining   ten years  of age  and I believe,
That this is my age  and multiplied by sixty  I told you my  total age,”
The sage was convinced that  it was truth and ate in his home.

This story   tells us all  that what money we gave in charity only is ours,
The son  who respects  us and obeys  us is our only son,
And the ime  we spend in worship is the time   we have really lived.,
This  was a great story by  the great Thiru Muruga Kripananda  Varriaar.

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