Sunday, October 8, 2017

God does not want us to be beggars before him.

God does not want us  to be beggars  before him.


(God made me see  the post of Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan  and he told me read this  and then rewrite it in a way  that I have taught you. I did and I thank God  for making me walk by that wway.God, Thank you.)

From God, I requested for strength , God gave me  troubles,
“Fight   and get over them” , He said, “You will get strength”
From God  I requested for wisdom , God  gave me problems ,
“Try and solve all of them ,” , He said  “you will get wisdom.”

From God, I requested for wealth , God showed  me myself,
“Think and work, “ He said, “Wealth   would come by itself.”
From God  , I requested  for courage, God gave  me dangers .
“Meet all of them”, He said  ,”Courage would come  by itself.”

From God , I requested  for satisfaction, He  showed me all that he has provided,
“Share  all this  with others  who lack them”, He said, “you  will get satisfaction”,
From God  I   requested  for health , He showed me , people  who work ,
“Ceaselessly  work like them, “He said, “You  will never lack  strength”

I realized  that the   God does  not  give anything free,
He does  not want us  all to become   beggars  ,
He shows us the way  to get what  we want  in a honest  way,
And provides  us all that  we need  to travel by that way.

We have not created soil, We have  not created sun light,
We are incapable  of making or stopping  a  rain fall,
And if we want grains, we cannot  expect God to plough and sow for us ,
And if we want wisdom, we cannot expect  God to run a school and compel us to study

So pray  and after you pray , open your  eyes of wisdom,
And wait , God   would definitely    show   you the way ,
Obey him , act along  various  ways  shown by him  to get all that we need,
You will succeed and then feel satisfied  about your own self  and then tell him, “Thank you God” .

Examine  carefully  as to what you have asked   and what he got by walking his way ,
You would realize, that  you  yourself  are  the cause  for the difference,
Do not blame yourself  or God  but tell God  , “Sorry God  , I did not succeed,
But I would again   and again  do what you have  told  and  would definitely succeed.

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