Monday, October 2, 2017

Difficult to tackle a Marketing man

Difficult to tackle  a Marketing man


(This is entirely based on a face book post of my friend  Vasu Iyengar. Grateful thanks to him.)

One doctor’s   daughter  fell in with a  Marketing man,
And her father  felt  that  he will give  his daughter in marriage ,
To even a  beggar  but not   to a marketing man and doctor’s astrologer 
Told him,  that whosoever marries  his daughter will die   within a month.

Doctor gave  her in marriage to a  doctor who died promptly after one month,
Doctor  then gave   her to a lawer   who promptly died after one month,
Doctor gave her to an engineer , who promptly died   after  one month,
Doctor   gave her   to a professor  and he also  died  within a  month.

Doctor   felt very bad  and because  the marketing  person was ready,
He gave his daughter  to him , one month was over, he was alive,
Two months   were part he was alive  and even after  four months he was alive,
And four souls of her previous  husbands went and protested  to God  of death.

They said, “You are  partial    and this is not the   way   a God should act”,
And he replied, “After  one month of  her first  marriage , I went  to hospital,
Found him and  brought   his soul here, after her second marriage , I went to the  court,
After her third marriage I went to the factory  and at last went to the college  to get her husband’s  souls.”

“After  she married the marketing man , I went to Madras  to get him,
Butr he was in Mumbai, next month he was supposed to be in USA,
But when I went there he wasa in Australia  and in third month  ,
When  I went to bring him to Bangalore , he was in Nagarkoil.”

“And like this when after  several months I could not get him, I forgot about him.”
I have failed  in my duty  “ Saying this sobbed   the poor God of death,
And so please understand that   it is  not easy to deal with marketing person,
And Even if God of death had met him, He would have convinced g him to buy a new cell phone.

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