Sunday, October 1, 2017

Enjoy the good , bury the bad,

Enjoy the good  , bury the bad,

Rewritten by

(This very meaningful write up which is a super lesson for each of us was posted  in face book   by sri Guru Moorthi .I learnt  a lesson from that  and possibly you will two.)

One disciple   asked  his teacher,
“Has not the  same  God  ,
Made   the  good and bad of this world,
So just as we  accept good, ,
Should   we   not accept  bad also?”
The teacher said, “It is left  to them.”

After    working hard    the   student  ,
Came back   to have his lunch in  teacher’s home,
He was given a  cup of milk   and cup of cowdung,
And teacher told, “Both  of them came  from a cow,
And so why not   you accept   both “ and when student blinked.

The teacher continued, “WE accept  milk  which is good with joy ,
WE bury the cowdung which is bad  and make it  the manure  for producing food,
So too   we should accept  good things   that god gives with joy,
And bury the bad things  in our mind   and make it manure for our future joy.”

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