Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Divorce a son?

Divorce   a son?


( After   having  written about  the need for a  Raksha Bandhan for old parents  , I feel that  it would be great  if we can divorce  our children too)

It was  an office  of a great lawyer  ,
Who   specialised   in getting divorce  to couples,
And  In walked a very  old    couple  , with wrinkles,
But tolerably healthy   with  determination.

The lawyer   was shocked   and with  humility ,
Asked them , “You have  come to a wrong  lawyer please”
But  the old man  with a smile   told  ,
“We thought  you dealt    with divorce”

The lawyer  said, “Ofcourse  I am an expert”
Then the old man   with  a  tearful   smile told.
“Sir, we need  divorce    from our son,
Can you please   kindly   help us  ?”

“We got a son after  lots of expectations ,
About   fifty years   ago, and struggled hard,
To bring him up  in a  proper way ,
So that he  would be  a walking stick  to us now.”

With further   expectations  of drowning him in joy,
We got him married   to a very pretty   girl  who was rich,
And as soon as  the marriage     was over , they told,
“We both have   got VISA   to USA  and are off within a month.”

We both  said to them  , your joy   is our  joy ,
And they left  us , with a sparkling  joy in  their face,
Almost daily   we used to   get video calls from them,
And  messages  in Skype, so that we  felt they were with us.

After  few more months   our son made us happy ,
By heralding the arrival  of a grand son   for us ,
And as was usual   we  old hags went there,
Looked after    all of them    and returned.

But after   we returned they rarely   called us ,
And our son in a message   told us that,
“They do not have time to talk with   us,
And also were finding   that they lost their privacy by doing so.’

WE both developed  knee pain   and found it difficult ,
To stand  or walk or cook  and with   lot of difficulty,
Told our son  and DIl , who does  not seem to have a DIl,
That   though we have money , we both   were unable to manage.”

The DIL  replied   without mincing words    that  ,
They cannot do anything    about it    as they were busy,
Medicine was costly there   and we will  spoil  their son.
She however advised us  to join an old    aged home.

WE did inform this to our son , who said , he agreed  with her,
And  said that   if we get admitted  in an old age   home  and sell our home,
 Which was  an ancestral  property  , his share should be sent  to him.
We have come here   to find out from you, whether   we can divorce our son. 

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