Sunday, May 20, 2018

Oh God , I am the one who is wrong

Oh God , I am the one who is wrong

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(Based on a pretty write up by my friend   Sri vasu Iyengar   in tamil.Thanks to him for making me realize , my mistakes)

I said  , I was  leading a  life .
As per  God’s will  and they ask me,
Have you ever seen God  ,
And when did he   tell you  about his will.

I  said  that  the  society    has many ills ,
And there  is a need   to  reform them.
Have you carried out   all those reforms  ,
In your own home   and in your family, they  asked

I said   there  is a need to clean the   environment,
And I stopped people   from throwing  rubbish on roads,
And they   told me , WE want  to keep our home clean,
If you do not want , we will put all  this in your home

 When I   stared   at neighbour’s ynmarried daughter,
Going almost    dress less   along     with  some gent ,
Who did not appear  to me  of decent sort  , they tell me,
Do not stare  with evil eye   and  please  let others enjoy life.

When I stopped a car on the road  coming with great  speed,
Overtaking on left  and that to  coming on right  instead  of left ,
They told me , “granpa , these   are  all  none  of your business,
And if you want to be safe , do not follow   any of these  silly rules.”

When some  one  whose   only   job   was   troubling others ,
Comes with an artificial smile   during   election  , to ask for vote,
If I poing out   to the person , all that  need to be   done  in my locality,
My locality  people ask me   to shut up  as the person seeking vote is influential.

When I went   to the provision store  and   pointed   out  ,
That  everything  is adulterated   , that  owner  laughed at me,
And told , “You are  the only person    who does   not seem,
To be adulerated and if   you insist , none of us   would get food.

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