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Miserable journey of boy to old man

Miserable  journey  of boy to old man


(Based on  the Tamil write up of  Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy. Thanks to him. True.It is slight exaggeration  and very male centric  .Excuse me for that) 

‎When a boy   is born  , sweets are exchanged,
And every one  fondles    him and his mother  cherishes him,
He would   be like an unchained    bird till  he attains age  of ten,
And his story after that  is full of burden and tragedy.

When he is in high school, parents   warn him  ,
That if he does not study well , he will not  get seat in college,
And once he is admitted in college   they  warn him hourly,
Unless  he studies well, he will not get  admission in engineering.

After   he struggles   and   gets admission in engineering,
They  keep on  reminding him, that , he has taken a loan to study,
And unless  he gets   a good job, he would  not be able to clear  the loan,
Would not be able to help family  in marrying off his   sister and so on and on.

Then  after  getting a job, living in a    hopeless PG, always worried,
About burden of parents   and  for helping them fulfil  their dreams,
Taking meals in a way side hotel,  travelling in  a rocking rickety bus,
And   putting on a smiling face   before   his parents, they  spend their time.

By the time he   repays the loan and sees   to it that   sister  is married,
The  parents , get   worried that   , their son is suffering alone   and,
Arrange a  marriage for him    and show off  before their bride’s family,
That  they are also rich, by making   the boy   apply for a loan from his   office.

Suppose   after  marriage  , he  shows love   to his   wife  ,
His family  will say  , that  he has fallen   in her net  strongly,
But if  he shows a soft corner  towards  his own parents,
This wife will cry that ,they are  everything   and she is nothing for him.

He is not supposed to tell   his   wife  about problems in office,
And he is not at all supposed  to tell about   the volcanoes   at home,
To anyone outside  and supposed   to bend and adjust   in both places,
And   he is also suppose   to  be  a social  human being in love with his relatives .

After   the initial   life  of love   becomes  a dream and a sore torture,
After   every time  laughing   when mentally   tortured  by wife as well  as parents,
After   trying  to obey the wife  , after  trying   to look after  his parents,
Getting bad name  from both   from wife  as well as parents, he becomes a lunatic of sorts.

After  he becomes   a father  to children  and  tries  to fulfil,
Their desires too to the extent possible   his wife   would call him a miser,
And She would  tell her friends   that   she  is suffering  , because ,
She has   a  married to a morose  short tempered brute, and then also   he should smile.

Festivals would come   and he would    struggle and suffer ,
To get new cloths  to all his family  members   except of course  himself,
His relatives  would celebrate  functions like marriage   and  if he presents,
Some  small affordable   thing and the whole world  would call him useless.

If one of their  long term acquaintances   buys a car  or a house ,
His wife would  say,” See  those people   who are   real males  ,
Unlike you, who cannot    maintain his      family  properly,
I do not know   what great sin I did in last life  to become your wife.”

If   he is strict   and disciplined   with his children , she will say,
That he does not have    even  a drop of affection to them,
And if    he is not strict    with them then also she  will say that ,
He does not know how to   bring up    children at   all.

If his parents   become very old   and bed ridden   she will shout,
“Is it my job,  what have  they    given to me , so  either   ,
Send them to your brother’s home   or old age home,
And if he does , he would be  called a modern day Rakshasa by society.

Whatever   a man does all his life ,   all blames   would come to him,
And every moment of his life   would be filled with misery and mental torture,
And  he would never  understand  , how he deserved  all that,
In spite  of carrying  the responsibility   of a family   from birth to death.

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