Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Master of multi tasking

Master  of  multi tasking 

Folk tale rewritten by

(This is a well known   folk tale and I was reminded     about it  ,
by reading a Tamil post  by my friend  Sri Krishnamurthy Iyer  . My thanks to him)

One   king in turkey   while  hunting  lost his way,
And took shelter  in a house  of a   weaver  in a village  ,
But   the weaver   did not know that  it was   the king,
And next day   early morning   the  king   woke up.

He saw    that   the weaver   was  weaving  threads  ,
He also saw that  a rope    was   tied in his   hand  ,
And when the   king asked  he said, “  the  other  end,
Is tied  to a cradle  and if baby wakes  up , I will pull it.

The king noticed that   near him was  a stick tied to  a black cloth,
And the weaver said  that if he moves  it the crows   coming ,
To   ear grains outside    would    fly away   and then,
The king saw that a  bell was tied on the weaver’s neck.

For a    curious glance the weaver   replied   that by shaking,
Them  he can drive away  rats   which come   to trouble him,
And then the king noticed that  lot of children outside  ,
Was being taught    by the weaver , their lessons.

When king asked , “Why not call  them inside?”
He replied  that  while learning lessons  they were  s dancing,
On  wwet clay standing there , so that  it would become ready  ,
To make a pot   and the king   appreciated   him .

The king said   you  are  the master  of multi tasking  ,
And the weaver   smiled    and told  , true king,
I have  married  a Kashmiri girl   and I am learning ,
From her   carpet weaving   and Sanskrit   also, 

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