Monday, May 21, 2018

Software developer as groom?

Software  developer  as  groom?


In reply   to a  matrimonial   ad  ,  a groom  said  .
I  develop  software  for  any thing and everything
The girl   who was   an HRD   expert.  
The parent  of the   girl   asked her  opinion ,
And she said, “ Seems to be  okay , dad,
“He   would never   ask me to do anything ,
As he is accustomed to do everything  himself.
Perhaps    the only   problem that  I can foresee,
Is that  ,  for anything    and everything , he would say  ,
“I know  that” , though  he may  not know  anything about it ,
And if I get   really upset    with him  for not  understanding me ,
“He would say, “Daring sorry , I know   you are always right  ,
But  it would take  my software   brain , lots  of time  ,
And testing   and Okaying   again and again  , to say Okay to you,”

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