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Kali age –How it would be –A sage replied 5000 years back.

Kali age –How  it would be –A sage replied 5000 years back.

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(After   almost  the entire Bhagawatham is  narrated by sage Sukha  , King Parikshith    asks him , about Kali age  .In the chapter 2 of  the 12th dasakam of Bhagawatham , the reply of the sage   is there in great detail . I  came to know of it by reading the posting of my friend  Sri Vasu Iyengar  .I have not translated it , but I have made a summary of what   the sage   told him.I am sure   many of you would feel this is written by   a news analyser  of a modern news channel .No it was written 5000   years back,. Please see a video   which summarises  it further )

1.Dharma, purity, forgiveness,
Compassion , life  span ,
Strength  of body and mind,
And memory   would decline in Kali age.

2.Wealth  alone would  be the criteria,
For judging   a  person’s   greatness  ,
And  it would  determine  whether ,
All   his actions   are right or wrong.

3.Sexual attraction   would   be  the only,
Criteria in choice of matrimonial partner,
Trickery   would be the  only  business  method,
And sacred thread  would be  the only sign of a Brahmin

4.A brahmachari  , Grahastha  or Sanyasi,
Would be recognised only by their external marks,
Getting justice would depend on one’s  ability ,
To   gratify the  person who dispenses justice ,
And  capacity  to  talk  would be  the only  sign of scholarship

5,Poor person would  be considered as  not pious,
A good person  would be always a hypocrite
Mutual consent for sex would determine marriage,
Presence of a toilet  would indicate , whether a  person is clean

6.Any    distant   pond or river  would only be sacred,
Any temple    that is  huge would   only be great
Exhibiting   bare body   would always make any one pretty,
Only pursuit of human beings  would be to fill their belly,
Courage to talk any non sense  would make any one  an orator.

7.A person would be considered efficient, if he supports his family,
All  devotional     acts   would be carried out only to get fame,
The world would be   filled with wicked  people  ,
And the strongest    of them all   would become the   ruler.

8.People  would   be oppressed by   famines, floods, and taxation,.
Excessive cold, warmth, speed of wind  and torrential rains  would always be there,
Human beings would not get food    to eat   and people to marry,
And    untimely death  will occur  to young people

9.Varnasrama Dharma  which divides labour would be discontinued,
All  human beings would not attain proper growth and be stunted,
Religion would be replaced by lies and rulers by thieves,
And there would be whose  profession is to steal  and kill.

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