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Miserable journey from a little girl to old lady

Miserable journey   from a little girl   to old lady


(After    writing about misery of a man , I suddenly realized that  I am partial   as the   girl child also has  much more problems.)

A  girl is  born in a house    and  her shrill voice,
Does not often make    the home   break in to a smile,
And they    all   get worried    greatly and feel bad ,
And that little   one grows    till the age of seven like a  bird,

Though like    her brothers she also   is a child  , she starts feeling,
She is different    from them and all   of them are   worried about her,
Then the mother  starts telling her   that she  is girl   and has to be careful,
And should not go out    anywhere   without  company,  for men are  bad.

Just like her brother   she also is asked to study  but often she is told,
Though we like you little one  , one day you   would go away   from this house ,
And  so   unlike    your brothers dear  , you need not put in so much effort,
In  studies  but   with change   in time   she   too is   educated well.

One day , all of a sudden  , her  mother   tells   her  that she has grown up,
And  will go through those    three  miserable   days of pain and  shyness,
But   unlike the case  of her   brother’s growing   up  , which is not celebrated,
Her growing up   is  celebrated    with joy   and mirth   as well as agony.

She slowly   realizes   that  her period  of freedom is   over ,
Along with the  onset of her  periods    and  she   realizes
That  like a flower bud    she too will open    and the world at  large,
Would  like   to  stare at her  and her parents  would be   worried about her ,

She realizes   that   she too  is intelligent    and clever  like all boys,
She realizes    that   she is much more pretty than them ,
And unlike  olden times , when her job   was only getting married,
She now has to study  , get job   and had a   role to play  in future life,

She   also realizes that  her prettiness   is a  great burden   to her,
For  she is stared  at on roads  ,  pinched    at in city   buses ,
Dashed  from back   by boys   when she   walks  on the road,
And  reading  daily   news paper makes   her scared  of open life.

She    studies like the boys, becomes   a professional  like them ,
Earns as   much as  they earn , looks after  parents  like them,
But the world as well as   God   makes her   feel   that  her life,
Is   to  attract a man , whom she likes and loves and adores.

Unlike him , she spends  lot of her time   to look pretty  ,
She goes to the gym, goes to parlours    for treatments ,
Like hair  thinning, waxing ,  straightening  of eye lids ,
And also goes to the doctor to become  thin and thick in certain parts.

With a fluttering heart    and with inexhaustible     dreams   she gets married,
Only to be transplanted  in a home, where   no one   tries to understand her,
She soon  finds that   most of the time   the husband   does not think  of  her,
As a  life time   companion  of love but a   doll   which  would act as he wants.

In her new home ,  except   for her husband    all others consider her ,
AS  their enemy   who has   stolen the  love   of their brother/son,
And this is made   clear to her   not only   by them  whom she loves,
But serials in TV, movies, stories   in magazines   and even by their friends

That poor girl realizes that   she  is far away from her   parents  ,
And does not have   any independence   to help them in any way,
And she also realizes that unlike   her   husband  , she   has ,
Lots and lots  of work at home   as well office because  she is a  girl.

The  life called struggle chained with  pleasure  goes on,
And one day  she finds    that  she  is on her way to  be a mother,
And  starts   carrying   the heavy  burden of future   generation ,
In her womb  making her   struggle to walk but not to stop work.

Then the    day   she   would become a mother   would dawn,
And she would  have to undergo  unparalleled   and severe pain,
Which   does   not have   any thing like    that in human life,
And she bears  it  and filled   with joy to see   her little child.

Unlike him who has only the job of providing   money ,
For those   children to grow, she  who   turned  her blood in to milk,
To feed her children , works without rest   from  very early morning ,
To night  ceaselessly   and without   any rest to bring them up,

All the  world some how   likes     to blame   the mother,
When child does not study well, when it develops bad habits  ,
When it troubles    all others   or when it turns into a bad one,
But she  with  a  lips pursed with teeth    entering those lips, struggles.

When the sons do not   look after   their parents  or even,
Ill-treat them , it is the wife   who   is blamed   and even if,
The family   is not   able to    build up    sufficient savings,
It is she who   is blamed as irresponsible   house wife

Due   to the fact that  men  are   always  older than wives,
The women has also responsibility to look after   her husband,
When he becomes  old   and  is not able  to lead a healthy life ,
And poor one  without   any rest leads a life of sorrow   till the end  .

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