Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Summary of Gita by me

New  Summary of Gita  by me


(I   got  inspiration    to write  this after   reading  “Gita Sar” in Hindi)

Q.How can I be troubled  by my own brothers?
How can I kill   my teachers  , brothers  and Uncles?

A.The soul  in you   can never  be  troubled  or killed,
Nor can you   trouble  or kill the   soul  of some one else,
And so no one      has    ever   troubled   you  ,
And  a revenge   towards   any one else   does not arise.

Q WE  earned  by our   own   efficiency  lots of things,
And  we are sorry   that those   were   taken away by some one   by deceiving us?

You did not   bring   anything  with you  ,
Nor can  you take   anything   away with you  from here,
No one can  give  or take     what   was not yours ,
And where  is the question  of feeling sorry for it.

Q. Our   father’s brother  cheated   us    and
No one helped   us  and I am sad   about  it?

Never feel sorry    for all that  happened in  the past ,
Never   worry about   what is going   to happen in future,
But   only think about    what is happening   to you now,
And if you  follow this teaching , you will never  be sad.

Q.My brother’s took away what   was ours  and was  it not unjust?

What you   claim    as belonging to you today,
Belonged    to some one else     somewhere,
And is going   to belong    to  some one  else in future,
And where is the question  of some one  taking away what was yours?

Q.We suffered  a lot  and we are  going to take revenge,Who can prevent it?

What you intend to do , is  the God’s intention,
What you did   earlier was    the God’s will .
And what you are doing now   cannot be done by you,
If God thinks  that   you are  not going to do it  .

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