Sunday, May 6, 2018

Radha’s true and selfless love

Radha’s  true and selfless  love

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(Based on  same write up posted  by several  people in face book. My thanks   only to original author)

Once  Lord  Krishna   got    extremely   sick,
And   continued to suffer  in spite of medical   treatment,
And when his   father  Nanda gopa  became greatly worried ,
A sage came  and tld him  , If he drinks   the water  ,
Which is  to wash   the feet of one  of his  really true devotees,
He would   definitely   get cured  and become alright.

None of his   great devotees  including   the Gopikas ,
Of Brindavan  were willing   to give Lord Krishna ,
The water   used   to wash  their feet to drink  ,
AS some  of them felt that  their   devotion may not be true ,
Some  because they felt   they would   be doing a sin by that ,
And some felt   the parents of the  lord   would not like it.

This need   reached  RAdha  and without    any hesitation  ,
She came with water   used to wash her   feet to Lord Krishna,
For   her only thought   was to some how   get Krishna   cured,
And as soon as  the Lord drank the water  , he got cured,
It was  possibly because  there was  no selfishness in her devotion,
And all that   she wanted   was   to get  Lord  Krishna cured .

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