Thursday, November 1, 2018

Beta Mar Jayaga

“Beta  Mar Jayaga”


The year  was   1963 . Two years back  I  had arrived as a  mango lad  at Delhi in the month of may along with my best friend KSN  .WE started   staying in our hostel   which was  behind NPL .Every one who saw     us both  use to advise  us to buy  a  suit. When we said   we cannot afford they said, Suts can be purchased  in instalments .WE were  worried   and one day asked  our senior  Sri Gopalan  What to do? He said he had  spent two years  with  just half sweater , WE decided  to follow him and before   winter on the foot paths  of Ajmalkhan road  purchased   two  sweaters  , full sleeved  and reversible .  One   winter  was   some how over  , In the  winter  of 1963, one day  , as  was  my practice I had  gone to Karolbagh by walk and was returning  by walk around 9 PM by  a  dark road  by the side  of PUSA  Institute.
     Suddenly  a lavish Car   stopped  near  me . A sardarji   got down from the car  , came near me and told , “Beta  Mar Jayaga” .I asked him why? He said  temperature was  one degree   and with my shabby dress  I may not reach  my hostel. I simply smiled.He compelled me to get in to his car , took me to the hostel and dropped me there
 During every winter  of my life  , I used  to recollect  that SAradarji    and with a wet eye  , used to thank him.

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