Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy birthday greetings from younger brother to her elder brothe

Happy  birthday  greetings   from younger  brother  to her elder  brother

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(I  was  the eldest  son  of a  lower middle class  family. The  greatest   relations in the earth  to me are  my younger   sister  and younger  brother. With tears  I read the tamil original , because  I thought  ,my  brother  would   write like that only . He is only a few years  younger to me   but to him I am father, mother and God)

We will quarrel  with each other , beat each other,
Quarrel with each other  , but never  part with each other

All elder  brothers  are  another  father,
In  showing love  they are  our mother,
And in  disciplining  when in need  they  are our father.

My elder brother   would always  be chiding me,
Which shows    the depth of his affection to me

My brother  wanted me to be great  and will  teach me well,
He would spend  all his money  on me without asking me

My brother   will buy several gifts to me , though he cannot afford ,
Without ever asking me  but all of  them  were  greatly liked by me

If  My brother seems me  sad ,  tears  will  gush out of his eyes,
He is more than a mother  to me and always want  my good

Though he   shouts and   walks   away from me  ,
Within half a day  , he will come back  and hug each other

Path may   change , Partners  may change,
But the affection   between us will never change,

Though    our  eyes are   two  , our    sight  is only one,
Though anger  and affection are two, Only  affection comes  out

He was   my another  mother  , who lifted me up,
When I Fell down, he is   my brother  and first friend,

Happy birthday  brother, you should   grow like Kalpaka  tree,
And I will be always with you, under your shade  , my brother

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