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Sori Muthu Ayyanar Temple

Sori Muthu Ayyanar  Temple (The pearl  like Ayyappa who rains wealth)

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   THis is a famous  Ayyappa(sastha) temple  located between Papanasam  Karaiyar dam..It is located In side The Kalakad-Mundam THurai  tiger resort , in Amba SAmudram  Taluq of  Nellai district of Tamil nadu,(12 km from Papanasam dam and 61 km from Tirunelveli temple) on the shores of  Thamravarni river

     The temple is that of Mahalinga SWamy and Ayyanar (muthaiyanar)  with his wives poorna and Pushkala    is the security guard  of Lord Siva, He is there  with his assistants Sangili Bhootham, Thoosi Madan , Pechi, Isakki and Pattavarayan. He is normally referred as” Pon  Soriyum  Muthian” meaning “Muthiah   who  rains gold”. He is the “family God” of many families here. People believe that once when traders camped in the forest blood started flowing from a stone when the hoof of bull hit it. Then they heard a voice which instructed them to build a temple this way.    The temple is under the administration of Singampatti Zameen who takes adequate care in maintaining the temple with all piety and divinity

It is believed that Lord Ayyappa as lad came here to learn  martial arts . His devotees believe that  this is the first temple of Lord Ayyappa and term this as Mooladhara  temple.Because of this many SAbari Mala  devotees   begin their annual pilgrimage    from this temple

   Lord Dharma Sastha appears with His left leg bent and the right hanging down slightly siding on the left. Saptha Kannikas (seven maidens) are also  in His shrine. Those who are not aware of their family deity, pray here. There are Nandhi the bull, elephant and horse vahanas. Lord Bhairava graces in the front mandap with His dog vahan before Him.

    A Brahamin, Muthupattan by name, fell in love with two girls born in a different community. He died in a battle to protect the cows. Later, a shrine was built for him-Pattavarayan- where he appears with his wives Bommakka and Thimmakka. Though a Brahmin, as advised by his father-in-law, he also learnt the cobbler art. Hence, devotees tie  chappals in the shrine. When the devotee visits the shrine next year, he will find that the chappals are worn out though not used by any body. This seems to be miracle in the temple. As the temple is in a jungle region, there are not much human movements. Yet the chappals are found used and old.

   Villagers in the region come here in large numbers to worship Pattavaraya Sami for the welfare of their cattle. There is an Iluppai tree in the temple complex. The bells tied by devotees get stuck to the tree which is considered as the Lord acknowledging their prayers.

   There is a five day festival  in this temple during Aadhi Amavasya(Karkidaga Vavu).All other Amavasya are also important festival days , with Thai Amavasya being more important

Address  and telephone number of the temple 

Arulmigu Sorimuthaiyanar Temple,
  Tirunelveli district.,
    Pincode : 627 416 ,
  Manager:   0842435896

   E-Mail :

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